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Monday Morning-653 words          

         Did you ever wake up just for a second and look at the clock, only to realize that you could be sleeping in for another hour or two?  Then of course you try to get back to sleep and can’t. Then, about ten minutes before you have to be to out the door you realize that you must have gotten to sleep at some point of time.

         And so starts my Monday morning! I was lucky in the fact that I did all I could to prepare for such an event as the dreaded Monday morning. The night before I had put all my clothes out and had even planned my breakfast.  My dress skirt, nicely ironed. sat right next to a pair of matching colored shoes.  My nicely pressed blouse hung right next to my business jacket. Yes, I was ready to start my day out on the right foot.  I had put my hair into rollers and even had all my makeup ready.  My hearty breakfast of oat meal, an apple and a cup of coffee was already sitting on the counter, waiting to be made. The suitcase sat by the door along with my purse and keys, guaranteeing that they wouldn’t be missed as I walked out.  I  had it all planned out.

         But, as we all know all too well there’s no amount of planning that can stop the dreaded Monday morning disaster that is destined to happen.

         I had realized way too late that I had only about ten minutes to get things in gear and get myself out the door. Flinging off sheets, covers, and pillows, I attempted to make it on time. I started off wrong by trying to take my undershirt and pants off at the same time and soon realized that I wasn’t going any faster by doing so. I finally got them off and flung them around the room before taking another peek at the clock and setting off again into another mad rush. I grabbed my underclothing and fiddled with my bra and  jumped through my skirt and put my shoes on. I completely skipped the slip and stockings and went straight for the blouse and jacket before running into the bathroom.  I applied my foundation leaving the “mask” line around my face and left my eyeliner and lipstick out for the ride to work.  One by one I unrolled the rollers from my hair dealing with the tangles that were forming.  I proceeded to the kitchen and grabbed the apple off the counter, charged for the door grabbing my suitcase, purse and keys. 

         By the time I got into the car and headed out, I had realized that I left all the lights on and my eyeliner and lipstick back home. Of course this was most likely a wise thing since I would later find out that I would spend and extra 15 minutes on the freeway due to a woman who back ended a pickup truck while applying her make up.  A quick vision came to mind, a long pencil of black eyeliner stuck through my eye. I quickly dismissed the thought and continued to focus on the nasty remarks on the radio show.  Cars slowed down and then sped up only to slow down again. Every ten minutes I was reminded about how I had gone the wrong way and would be even later than what I expected.

I hate the fact that I can do all I can in order to avoid this and still end up sitting  on the freeway running once again late for work. Watching other pissed off drivers yell and scream reminds me that as soon as I walk into the office I would be the one being yelled at.  Already I can’t wait for Friday, and the morning has just begun. I hate Monday mornings.
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