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The first in a series of children's books based on the antics of 2 real-life cats
Mis-Adventures of Max and Jinx
(The Day They Met New Humans)

“Max is a black and white cat.  Jinx is an orange and white cat.  The two cats are brothers.  They love each other very much.  They also loved their human, who they called Mommy.  She loved them too.  She took very good care of them.  They always had enough toys to play with and were safe and happy.  But most of all they were never hungry – she always fed them when they needed food.

Jinx was very friendly.  He loved for everyone to play with him and scratch his head.  Max was very shy.  He hid every time people came over.  He would not come out until they left. 

One day Max decided to come out of his hiding place and see just who was visiting Mommy.  He saw that Mommy had children.  Max thought “Wow, I have two sisters”  My sisters have brought friends”  He “came” out of his hiding place and hid behind “Mommy” on the couch for awhile. He finally decided it was safe to go sniff the other humans and see if they were friendly.  They seemed to be and they kept calling his name.  Max thought, ‘How do they know my name’?”
He quickly saw they were very friendly.  They kept telling him how pretty he was and how soft his fur was.  So he decided it might be o.k. to see if they wanted to scratch his tummy.  He flopped over on his back on top of their feet so they would know it was o.k. for them to scratch his tummy.  They were so thrilled and spent a long time rubbing his tummy; and his chin.  Paragraph 4

Then one of the other humans (his sister’s friend”) started playing with Jinx with a new toy.  He dragged it around the room and Jinx chased it around and around in circles.  Max got a little afraid again.  He ran down the hall to watch them from a safer place.  “I wonder why Jinx is so brave.” thought Max.  “Maybe I should also try to be brave and go back out there to watch them.”  He watched for awhile and really wished he was as brave as his brother but he just wasn’t.  It seemed as if Jinx knew what Max was thinking because he came running over to him and started licking his face.  This was Jinx’s way of telling Max that it was o.k. to play with the humans and it was fun, too! Paragraph 5

Max was so happy that he had new friends.  Now he understood why his brother, Jinx, had so much fun with these humans.  He could not wait until they came back to visit him again.  Max learned that it is o.k. to meet new people and he doesn’t feel afraid of them anymore.

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