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by Buck
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Horrified, airport, plane, van, child, parents, controller, mind.What is a birdseye view?
Runaway planes, Chicago Midway Airport- dialogue with a sparrow
One of my emptying walks, talk with me sparrow
through flowing fields of thorny blackberry bush and sharp prairie grasses,
that slice achilles
red dot ankle socks,
long ago, once,
before the concrete.

"You know about the delicate laughs on the face of morning?
Nod at them.
Yes, the blinding white yellow sprinkle of luminous dew in early light?
Pings sonic at invisible places.

"You hear, 'You're flight is delayed'."
Firestorm cries from tall pines marshal your tiny sparrow first peek of day.
It burn past like flaming arrow, light life on prickly blade.
It's weight embosses red undecipherable clawing, feathers blend, mimic, hide from competitors roaring voices, away from greed, deprivation, starvation, loneliness, loss.
Fly fly, free.
How did you get in here little bird? Who will let you out? Can you survive in here?

"See how the Blackbird flies with the Bluejay?"
Harmonize violent airspace,
flight patterns a rivulet dangle
dips jagged in dirge
dangerous controllers.

By standers deserve wonderment
Tummies empty brillant offerings in blood trenched sun
bag provided.
As slinking gold metal slides off runway,
crush family,
in court.
"Look at me damn you. You'll never see me again."
And they want to put a camera in my Head?

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