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by Jill
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Letter written to myself to enter into the "Dear Me" contest.
Dear Me,

    At this time of year, many people have or will make New Years resolutions. The heck with all that…I just need to make some changes! The first thing I need to do is make a concentrated effort to be friends with myself every day. I will come to terms with my slowed down, spotty self and think positive. By slowing down, I have more time to savor the important things life has to offer. The spots…well, they can be viewed as interesting or as a reason to buy long sleeves! I also need to stop worrying about things I have absolutely no control over and start enjoying the good things I have in my life...my son, my man, my friends. I truly am blessed.

    The next thing I need to do is make a decision: Am I a writer? If I am, then I need to write! I’ve thought about it and talked about it long enough. I have enough books and materials on writing to teach a class. I have writing prompts in my email every month. Now, I've run out of excuses!

    Deciding to write means I will write 2 or 3 more memory pieces. I will start my book that I’ve stockpiled information for. I will strengthen my novel. I will study other forms of poetry and practice writing them. I will accept the editing job if offered and look for more. I will write a training that will benefit those who work with the parents of special needs children.

    The last change that I need to focus on is my health. I will become a member of the YMCA this month and start using their facilities. Losing weight would be wonderful, but my goal will be increased energy.

    In closing, I wish to add this. Wherever my life leads and the different spiritual paths I take, I need to remember that God is there.  Maybe I wouldn’t be such a mess if I trusted Him more and myself less.

P.S. I started out writing this for the  "Dear Me" contest, but I really just wrote this for me. I need to read this often, daily even, until these changes are a part of me. This was the first thing I've written in a very long time and IT FEELS GOOD!!!
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