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Join Andy as he hunts for his dad.
Chapter One

Angela stormed through the emergency door tears running down her face and terror written all over her face.
“Andrew Dace?”
“Down the hall to the right.”
“Thanks.” Angela hollowed out from behind as she continued her sprint around the corner. She got the call about 20 minutes ago. Only 18 minutes ago, she left the house.
“Andrew?” She yelled
“I am in here mom.”
Angela yanked the curtain back to find her 17 year old son laying on a gurney in a hospital gown.
“Are you okay?”
“I am okay now mom?”
“What happened?”
“I collapsed while playing basketball with Randy and Terry.”
“Collapsed. Didn’t I tell you to carry water around with you.”
“I always carried water around with me. Did you give Amy a call?”
“Not yet. I hurried down here because they made your accident sound over the phone a lot worse then you collapsing.”
“I am okay mom. Nothing more then collapsing.”
Angela left the room. Deep inside of her a feeling told her something didn’t seem right, but she couldn’t place her finger on it. After watching Andrew for the last several months, He began to look like he had lost a lot of weight and caught more colds over the last few months. Angela also noticed his sleeping habits had increases, but she passed it off as all the stress put on him this year. Laziness did not exist in Andrew world, especially with a lot on his platter. Why would he get lazy now? Within a few minutes, Angela wondered back towards the room only to find Doctor Peterson standing outside the door.
“Hi, Doctor Peterson.”
“Hi, Angela.”
“What are you doing here?”
“Well, the emergency room doctor had me called in. I came over from visiting some other patients, so seeing Andrew is not a big deal.”
“Why? I thought the emergency room doctor would be handling his collapse .”
“They ran some tests and decided I needed to take a look at the results.”
“Oh no. the problem is the laziness isn’t it? And his weight?”
“Yes, Angela. I wanted to tell you before we went in and seen Andrew.”
“What is the problem?”

Angela stepped back in the room trying to conceal the tears on her face. She slowly saunters across the room she looked up at Andrew, still just a little boy in a very big bed. He sat banging toy trucks together making the sound of an engine from his lips. So small and innocent, Andrew sat completely unaware.
“What’s wrong mom?” Andrew asked
“The doctor ran some tests on you and between the test results and the questions they asked you.”
“About how much I have been sleeping and the weight loss? I have been under a lot of stress with school. I have college on my platter, plus the sports I have been playing.”
“No, Andrew, the problem’s not stress. The doctors have reason to believe the problem is Leukemia.”
“Leukemia, the cancer?”
“Yes. Leukemia is an increase of white blood cells in the bone marrow. In return, Leukemia slows down the manufacturing of red blood cells. The cause is unknown.”
Fright coated Andrews face as tears crammed in the little space between his eye lids. He tried to hold them in hiding his face just as he did when he trouble found his door and still young even to play you on guilt. As Angela embraced him Andrew found holding them back no longer possible.
“Am I going to die mom? I am only 17. I haven’t made it to college. I really do want kids. What about the tournament coming up? Do I have time to do those things? Do I at least have six month, maybe a year.” As the words fell from his mouth, his nerves grew on edge and panic overridden his system. His mind race out of control unable to calm himself. “What about the things I promised Amy and Elizabeth? What about prom?”
“Andrew. Andrew!.”
Andrew came to a complete stop his eyes gaping and a pale paint caked on his face. He stared at his mother.
“Leukemia is treatable, Andrew. You are going to be fine.”
Andrew and Angela sat in silence for the next 15 minutes. Unsure of where to go now. How are they going to tell Jake, Amy, or Elizabeth? Elizabeth had made Andrew her hero a long time ago. How is the cancer going to affect Andrew going to high school?
“So what are we looking at? Chemotherapy? Radiation?” Andrew said
“First, they need to do a biopsy of your bone marrow. From there we can be sure what it is. Then there is chemotherapy, radiation, anticancer drugs, antibiotics, steroids, and possibly transfusions. Andrew we are going to make it, trust me.”

Angela stepped into the cold room where Andrew stood gazing out the window. Several months passed by since the day at the emergency room where their world began to crash down upon them, losing sight of everything except the idea of living each and every day. With every one of those days, Andrew had grown bonier and weaker.
“It’s impossible mom. You, Jake, and Elizabeth have been tested and neither one of you matches. You heard Doctor Peterson say the genetic matching was important. We are down to hoping they find a donor and the chances are slim.”
“Andrew, I have something I need to tell you.”
“What now? Don’t you think we have had enough news for the day.”
“Andrew, the paper is important.” Angela said stuffing a paper in his face.
“What’s this?” Andrew said ripping the paper from her hand and read Ghost Cop Of Highway 34 By Robert Benton. “What does a ghost cop have to do with me?”
“Stop bickering and read the paper.”

Ghost Cop of Highway 34
I have been on vacation the last several weeks and on the places I went through a suburb of Fort Collins called Loveland, Colorado. There is a little highway running through the northeastern side of the sate called Highway 34. The day grew late as my family and I drove between Loveland and Greeley. Out of no where a cop turns on his lights. Once I got off of the road, he pulls up beside me waving me to stay where I am. Not but a minute or two alter a semi out of control misses me by just inches. If the cop had not been on the highway at the same moment, my family and I wouldn’t be here right now. I then became determined to find this cop and thank him for saving our lives. A few more miles, we stopped at a gas station to find two cops getting some coffee. I stopped and asked them about what had happened, and the only thing they had to tell me is I had just met the ghost cop of Highway 34. Stunned about what I had just heard, I drove myself down to the library the next day where I found lots of things on the ghost cop. It’s seems this ghost cop has kept people out of accidents, kept people from dieing, and has even delivered a baby one night. For me, I wanted to know more, not just what he has done, but who he is and why he does the things he does. About the same time, I came across an article of a young police officer, Adam Dace. This officer was killed down the same stretch he patrolled, Highway 34. The day had been September 14, 1982, after changing a tire for a young lady on the side of the road. While walking around his car, he was struck by what they believed to be a drunk driver in a pickup. At the same time, his wife, Angela Dace, make her way to the hospital where she delivered a baby boy. The article said the pickup was never found. If you are one there night, just think about the young man who is without his father. As for anyone who wants to drink and drive, you keep the same thing in mind. Lastly, for anyone who is going to be traveling down highway 34, watch out of the Ghost Cop of Highway 34.

“Mom, your name is in this article.”
“I know Andrew”
“According to this article you married another man years ago who is now a ghost cop in Colorado. The article also says he died the same day you gave birth to me, according to the dates. What are they talking about?”
“The story is true.”
“What do you mean the story’s true? What is going on?”
“Honey, there is something I need to tell you. I probably should have told you a long time ago, but for other reason I haven’t.”
“What are you talking about mom?”
“Maybe you should sit down.”
“Mom, just tell me.”
“Jake isn’t your father. Your father is dead.”
“The article is telling the truth. Your father died the night you was born.” He could see tears in her eyes, and he knew she didn’t cry over nothing. Even past the tear, anger rose within him. How could she do this to him? He is now facing dieing and she has the nerve to tell him his real father is dead.
“All these years you kept something so important from me. I am dieing mom, don’t you see. I can deal with knowing my father is dead, or even the idea he could be some ghost cruising around a highway states from here acting like some hero. Your nothing but a liar.”
“Wait, please, let me explain.”
“No. How do I know if this story is even true? If you can lie to me this long, how do I know you are telling me the truth now.”
“Please just listen.”
“Get out! Get out now!”
How could she do this to him? After years of living with his father or Jake, now, he guessed? They seemed so much in love and their family so perfect compared to everyone else’s life. Now he has to face the fact he is just as screwed up as everyone else. A life where you though you knew everything about everyone in the house, including who your father happened to be. Why would now she claim he wasn’t after just an article in the newspaper? Why after all of these years, not even a word about his father? Anger filled him fast the more he thought about what happened. Andrew sat alone in the dark trampled by the fact his world had been falling apart for a long time, and now his mother has to push him farther.

Chapter Two

The sun slowly slid behind the mountains to the west of Fort Collins, a rather large town located on the foothills of Colorado. Surrounded by the capital of Colorado, the Colorado Rocky Mountains, flat plains, and the state line, Fort Collins began a very accommodating city. At the very bottom of the foothills, on the west end of town, sat a 700 square foot two bedroom. The house didn’t seem much for a growing family, but Adam and Angela worked very hard to keep it.
Life is hard when you’re young and trying to climb the ladder. Most everyone starts at the bottom making pennies and spending dimes. They are just trying to plant some roots and get the ball rolling. Just as everything else though, the moment everything starts going up, Adam thought, something has to happen. Although, it’s not always a bad thing. Angela always reminded him if they lived in a huge house they wouldn‘t get to be so close to each other. Lots of time would pass before he came home. His work took him away a lot, but she understood. Managing money came easier for them when she held a job. Sometimes she wished she still possessed a job because the bill didn’t pile so high. Adam told her he wanted her to be at home. At home she could work on some of the things she wanted to do in life, and not just to be able to enjoy money. When the bills started piling up, he just worked a little bit more. The hours became long and his time at home became shorter, but they both knew in time the hours would come to an end. For now he should be worrying about another persons life glancing over at Angela. She sat on the edge of their bed. From there, Adam could see the swell of her belly.
“Are you okay, Angela?”
“I am fine.”
“You don’t seem fine.”
“Adam, I am nine months pregnant. Another words, I have an estimated six pound kid swimming around in my belly. You would look funny, too.”
“You have a point. I need to get going. I should be home by around five in the morning. Are you sure your going to be okay?”
“I am fine.”

Hours after he had left, she stood in their bedroom gazing out the window at a pointless view of the house next door. She knew when he left she didn’t feel right. The baby’s due date came and left as fast as the weather. Being her first, she didn’t know what to expect. Tonight, when she felt the same as all the times they rushed her to the hospital before for false labor, she didn’t say anything. She didn’t want him to miss more work just because of false labor pains. As the hours passed, the pain consumed her belly and screamed out though her back coming and going like the ocean water. She could feel another one coming as she glanced at the clock. The contractions came about 10 minutes apart now. After bracing for the pain, she wondered out to the phone to call Adam.
“Colorado State Police”
“Hi, This is Angela Dace. My husband in on duty and I need him to come home right away. I am in labor.”
“We will send someone out right away.”
“Thank you.” She hung up the phone. Bracing for the next one, she hoped he would not be long.

He stood outside his car, sipping on his coffee, hoping would get him for a little ways into the night. The shiny badge hung from his black coat to remind him of the job he held: to serve and protect, but the job didn’t stop him from thinking about her. She was, not only his wife, but his pregnant wife. Being due any day now, he couldn’t help but think of her. He wonders if she was okay. He wanted to call home and check on her, but if sleep found her tonight disturbing her would only make him feel bad. Somewhere deep inside he knew if something were to happen she would call and they would find him. On a dark cold night, the offices ability to find him no longer gave him comfort. One the other hand, he waited to be at home with her next to her side. Looking at the pile of bills, the money wouldn’t let him. He wanted to give her everything. Chances to do the things not most younger married couple got, yet he felt guilty because he couldn’t be at home with her as much as they wanted. She never complained, but in her eyes he could see how much being gone so much hurt her. He knew life didn’t survive due to how easy life came to pass leading to people to doing what needs to be done. A persons ability to like every bit of life came as a different situation. Never the less, he continued working whatever shift they gave him. Tonight would be one of the many graveyards he would work.
He climbed back into the car beginning to pull out of the gas station. He noticed across the street a blue Chevy across the street. The pickup wasn’t sitting there before and he hadn’t seen anybody come or go. The tinted windows and height of the truck made it a 4 wheeled monster growling at whoever looked it’s way as the pickup sat idling. Adam brushed away the feeling the truck echo across the parking lot and held towards his small stretch of highway the office assigned him to patrol call Highway 34. The highway, itself, ran quite a ways across the state, but the little piece running from Greeley to Loveland at the bottom the foothills belonged to him. On the highway, lots of people traveled day by day, coming and going at this time, but as time slipped farther into the night, the traffic would only linger around.
Once again his mind began to wonder. He couldn’t help but wonder why they could just turn someone away without a thought about the pickup. Adam saw deep with his eyes endured a cold dark cave where not even a bear would wonder into. A heart less pit where snakes slithered as kings and only eyes lurked around in the background. Only once did Adam’s eyes see her before, but, even then, he could feel the warmth and love growing in her arms. So much and no where to go with the pain. There was longing in her eyes and pain in her chest. This kind of pain could not be mended, at least not by her husband, but Adam didn’t know where to find his father.
“Officer Dace?”
“This is Officer Dace?”
“We just got a phone call from your wife. She is in labor and wants you to come home and get her.”
“-ay, tha-.” Excitement fled through his body, as he stumbled with the radio unsure if they understood his mumbling or not. He sped up meeting the traffic speed no longer watching so closely to the people around him who found themselves not following the law by refusing to use their blinker or traveling 4mph over the posted speed limit. He knew they already lined someone up to take his place. He just needed to continue driving in the direction towards home. Coming up and over the small hill, Adam found himself staring directly at a car’s incapability of parking completely on the shoulder of the highway. He slammed on his brakes. Now stumbling with his coffee instead, he still managed to come to an abrupt stop missing the car with only inches. Great he thoughts as he flipped on his lights. The hill height allow people to see the upcoming red and blue flashing lights so not to hit the back of his cop car. He could see a young lady standing off the side of the road staring down at the flat tire on the back of her little sports car. People should learn to deal with car problem before the got their license, but some things wouldn’t happen.
“Tell Officer Downs to go over and pick Angela up. He should be at home. I will meet her at the hospital in a few minutes, I stopped to help a lady change her tire.”
“Will do.”
“Thanks.” Adam finished and he got out to help the young lady.
“Is everything okay?”
“Yes everything is okay. I was just hoping someone would come along and help me change the tire so I could be on my way.”
“Well, lets get a spare tire on your car and get you out of the road before someone not paying attention comes over the hill.”
He removed the spare tire and jack out of the car’s truck. Changing the flat tire with immense hustle, he released the car to its spot on the ground. As a requirement, his dad taught to change tires as well as other mechanical abilities for a cars maintenance. The more Adam change the swifter he became. She thanked him driving off into the night as if nothing happened in the first place.
Reaching for the door handle, he looked up at the hill. The sun fell short behind the foothills painting the sky line in magnificent shades. The coolness of the evening kisses his cheeks with grace as the clouds danced in the sky. Adam could see car lights over the crest now. One particular set of lights swerved from one side of the road to the other.
In the distance, the thunderous rumbling of a truck filled the air. An uneasy sensation swept over his body at the unusual sound of the accelerating truck approaching the hill. He gripped the door handle, unable to budge from the spot, his toes clinging to the ground beneath his shoes.
The lights topped the hill, speeding in his direction. The loud heavy metal music deafened his ears over the roar of the truck. Fear stuck him hard knocking out any ability to run or hide with a blow so grueling seizing his breath became hopeless. Making a drastic swerve off the right side shoulder of the highway, the truck crashed into the passenger’s side of the cop car swinging it around like a rope.
The car slammed into Adam with enough force to hurtle him into the car. The car karate kicked Adam in the chest sending his arms out in front of him wheeling his body backwards. Seconds passed by as hours as Adam took his first flying lesson ending by his body slamming into the ground with enough force to knock three years of breath out of his lungs. Within a split second, the car came to rest. Landing on the car’s side, Adam’s lower torso and legs pined underneath and his head resting where the driver‘s side window once existed. The truck veered off to the right eliminating a fence. Adam captured a glimpse of a blue pickup with tinted windows before the pickup stumble on the road. The low growl came to an end. In the shadows, through the wind shield, a man emerged. Adam distinguished nothing more then a black hooded sweat shirt.
“You finally get what you deserve.” The hooded man said and disappeared. In the distance, Adam could hear the snarl once again speeding off leaving him to die along the side of the road alone.

A sound could be heard from the front door, nothing more than a knock. She flung the door open, about to go off on him for taking so long to get home. She waited so long she almost given up on him and left even being unsure if she could drive. Instead of Adam standing on the doorstep, Officer Downs graced Angela with his presence.
“What’s wrong?” She said worried.
“He got tied up and sent me over here to take you to the hospital. He said he would meet us at the hospital.”
“Well, we better get going.” Angela said, without even thinking something could be wrong. This wasn’t the first time Adam had been tied up with police business. “I have been waiting for a while, David.”

The nurses walked her into the delivery room. There they undressed her and helped her climb into the bed. She noted the time on the clock above the bed. About 30 minutes passed by since she had called the State Patrol Office. The pain to the point of being excruciating now taking her mind off the clock. The nurses placed an IV in her arm. She didn’t think her body could hurt anymore then it did now.
“Where’s Adam?” Angela stopped one of the nurses.
“Adam hasn’t made it yet, Angela.” David said from behind.
“Please don’t leave me David, not until Adam gets here.”
“I won’t Angela. I promise.”
She laid back, trying to relax. The pain grew worse by the minute exceeding what she thought possible. Accompanying the excruciating pain grew the thought of what trouble Adam found himself in this time. Closing her eyes, the noises of the room grew distance as the moved her and poked her. All she knew is she had to wait as long as possible. She knew Adam wouldn’t miss this.
“Angela. Angela, it’s Doctor Bowdan.” A women’s voice came from the background. “We need to check you.”
“Okay.” she said as a hand touched hers. “Adam? Adam, is that you?”
“No Angela, it’s still David?”
“David, where’s Adam?”
“I don’t know. I haven’t heard anything yet.”
“David, I want Adam. I want Adam here now. I can‘t do this with out him. We have been through the classes and through the appointments. He loves this baby to death. Why would he do this to me now.” Angela began to cry. “You can’t make me to this without him.”
“Calm down, Angela.”
“I want Adam here now. He promised me he would be here.”
“Angela, calm down and be patient.”
The time came. For waiting came and went with every passing moment. She knew she reached the point of doing this with out him, she thought, even though he told her time and time again missing the delivery would be something he wouldn‘t be doing.
“Okay, Angela, it’s time to push.” David said
“I have no choice do I, David. We can’t wait any longer.” She said gripping his hand.
“No, Angela, we have no choice now. It will be okay.”
A short time later, a 6lb 10oz baby boy was born. The doctor placed him on Angela’s lap. She looked down in the tiny baby’s face. His father never made it.

“Cindy, call 911. I found an officer pinned under the car. Hold on bud…” the unknown voice trailed off as darkness consumed Adam’s world.

Adam laid staring up to the tops of the trees. The clear blue sky only held a slight breeze going through the tops. The squirrels played on the branches high above the ground. What was he doing here? Where was he?
A women walked up over him. She stood above him for a few minutes not saying a word just looking down at him. What the hell was going on?
“My dear son. I wish so bad I could have been there for you like I should have been. Yet you had wonderful parents who raised you very well. I know I wasn’t with you, but I make one final request. I will never be able to hear you forgive me for the choices I make except only one way. Please promise me you will come take me to heaven when my time comes.”
She wiped a tear from her face. A few minutes later, she turned and walked away.

Adam came to barely able to make out the flashing lights surrounding him. Time passed by him quickly as he became incapable of knowing how long he laid in the dirt. Surrounded by glass, he noticed the overwhelming pain growing worse in his lower back and what he assumed down his legs, although he could no longer feel them. He tried to wife his burning face remembering the coffee which once sat in the car. Piled all around him rested all the items he carried with him. He tried to draw in a few deep breaths, but with every breath a sharp stabbing pain fled through this body. Trying not to move his head, he could see someone out of the corner of his eye. Angela? Was that Angela? He blinked trying to clear his eyes, but he could make her out.
“Hold on, Officer Dace, we are working to get the car off of you right now. The paramedics are going to do some work through the windshield of the car to keep you as stable as possible while we wait.”
He could feel the car creak above him as darkness tried to consume his world. He flinch feeling something land on his face.
“Adam, right, this is a oxygen mask. I need you to wear the mask while we wait.” A different voice came from above him. As the only thing passing through his mind, he fought to keep the darkness from consuming him again. Shiver ran through his body as he tried to stay as conscious as possible. He needed to stay alive for Angela and his baby. The baby!!
“Help. Help me please. I have to get to Angela.” He began to scream trying to wiggle his way out. Pressure came to the area around his face as he remembers the oxygen mask he wore.
“Adam! Adam, you have to hold still. We are working on getting you out now.”
“You don’t understand. My wife. My wife is in labor. I have to be with her now. I promised I would be with her now.”
“Calm down Adam, Calm down and let us help you.”
Adam couldn’t calm down. He promised. He tried to move some more, but the pain grew tremendously. He drew in a deep breath. He could give up now he though as the darkness crept closer and finally consumed his world.
Adam came to with an excruciating bump. He looked up at the surrounding faces. Paramedics he thought, as he remembers Angela.
“How’s Angela? Hurry, we have to get to the hospital now. I promised her I would miss the delivery.” Adam said ripping off the oxygen mask. They grabbed his arms. He barely could feel them restraining him through the rest of the stinging pain shooting through his body
“Angela is fine, Adam. Relax, we are hurrying.”
“You don’t understand. She is having our child. She was in labor before… before…” Adam stopping
“Adam do you know what happened?”
“There was a blue pickup, a blue Chevy. It hit the car. Angela… Angela is in labor.”

“How does he look officer?” Officer Walker asked
“He doesn’t look good. The way the car is sitting on him, I am surprised he is still alive.” said Officer Thompson
“The only way most people live through an accident like this one is if they have a reason driving them.”
“Even if he makes it a little while, it is not possibly for him to live through the night. His fighting death is the only reason he is still here.”
“No, probably not, but his wife is at the hospital right now. She is in labor, and not far away from delivering their first child.”
“He does have a reason then.”
“What about the pickup he is talking about?”
“We got the description of a blue Chevy pickup with tinted windows. Between his yelling over his wife and the wounds he sustained, we couldn’t get anymore out of him about what happened. He is not able to tell us if he thought the driver of the pickup drank a little too much this evening or if something else happened out here. We are suspicious of foul play due to the tire marks. The officers and I agree, most drunk drivers would not swerve as much as the tracks show although it is not impossible. According to the lay out of the tracks, he went from the opposite shoulder to this shoulder within 10 feet as if he was not swerving, but trying to hit Adam. We are still unsure. At the same time, we have as many officer’s on the hunt for the pick right now, but.”
“But as more time passes the more harder it will be to find the pickup. Keep trying. I want to find the person who did this, because not only did he just take out one of my best workers, my friend, but a soon to be father.”

“Officer Downs,” Officer Walker said. “We need to talk.”
“What’s going on?” David asked as Sandy walked up to his side.
“Adam was in a car accident.”
“Oh no.” Sandy said.
“He is not okay is he?” David asked trying to hold back the tears welling up in his eyes.
“He is in ICU right now, but they don’t except him to live. I think the accident would be best coming from you what happened to Adam. I know you are a friend of the family then would be easier then coming from a stranger.”
“I know it would. I just don’t want to have to tell her.” David responded as he wiped a tear from his face and turned to walk into Angela’s room.
“How is the baby?” Sandy asked following him up shortly.
“He is beautiful.” David said.
“Yes, he is, but I wish Adam could have been here. I don’t understand what could have taken him so long to do he couldn’t make it here for this.”
“That is what I came to tell you about.”
“No….” Tears filled her eyes for she knew something grew very wrong. She quickly turned her face from his. “Something happened, right? Something happened and you didn‘t tell me. How could you do that to me? All this time I thought he would make it and you knew.”
“Yes something is wrong.” Sandy said as she hugged Angela. She knew she would need a lot of them, now.
“When I got the call, he stopped to help a young women change her flat tire. You know Adam can’t just leave someone. When I picked you up, I did know anymore. After he finished changing the tire, he went to get in the car and was hit by drunk driver by what they could make out from Adam. We haven‘t found the pickup yet.”
“Oh no.” she said covering her mouth. “He isn’t good is he? ”
Clearing his throat, almost unable to go on, “He is in ICU upstairs. I already talked to all the nurses; they don’t think he is going to live through the night. You can take the baby up to the ICU room for him to see. He is in and out of consciousness, but he should understand everything. The paramedics restrained and medicated him to keep him calm. They said he fought them so hard, because of you, they was afraid of him hurting him worse.”

The nurse wheeled her into the room with him, the baby laid sleeping in her arms. She looked into his eyes, which opened when she entered the room. A small smile came across his face, and one tear ran down his cheek. He opened his mouth to talk, but instead she placed her finger across his mouth.
“This is our baby boy. He is not even an hour old yet. I brought him up so he could see his daddy.” Tears welled up in her eyes. “I wished you could have been with me. The delivery was the most beautiful thing.”
“I should have stayed at home. I should have stayed and been with you.”
“There was no way you could have known. Please don’t blame yourself for something you couldn’t have stopped.”
“But I am a cop.”
“Just because you are a cop, doesn’t mean you can stop everything.”
“Don’t talk now, please.”
She picked up his hand holding it close to her cheek; tears fell down his hand. She wanted to try everything to keep him from going, keep him from leaving her, but nothing could be done. She could do nothing.
She thought back to when they met.

She stood next to the pool table. As her first time, she accompanied her best friend, Sandy. Sandy spends most of her time at the bar with these guys for several months, now. She repeats several stories about this place including nights where they did acts on the tables and fights broke out. Sandy made everyone of them sound fun since something always happened. Tonight would be one of those nights as Angela came to meet one of Sandy’s boyfriend’s friends.
“Yes?” She said spinning around.
“This is Adam. He is the one I wanted you to meet.”
She glanced up into his deep green eyes. His eyes held something, although the thought could not be pin pointed, she liked the unknown anyway. His brown hair and handsome smile stood out from the t-shirt and jeans, obviously nothing fancy, but his muscles stood out from under his shirt. Here she found the man she wanted on for years.
From hello you could not keep them apart. They loved each other in a way not very many couples find.

A beeping sound of his heart brought her back to the ICU room. He squeezed her hand, and she looked up into his eyes.
“Angela, honey, there is a reason. There is a reason why this needs to happen. I love you, Angela, always remember I love you and nothing will ever change.”
“I love you too. I will always love you.”
His hand fell limp.

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