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Join Andy as he hunts for his father
Chapter Five

Andrew took the envelope. Gazing at the article, he realized it looked just like the other one. A strange feeling passed over him, but he opened it anyways.
Ghost Cop Delivers Baby March 23, 1992
An amazing accident happens yesterday on Highway 34. Tom Lincoln was driving his wife, Ana, who was in labor into town from south of town. After reaching Highway 34, it was apparent they were not going to be able to make it the hospital. With Tom unsure of how to deliver a child, the ghost cop appeared and brought into the world a healthy baby girl. After being checked out at the hospital, she was released. Nobody, but Tom, saw this mystery ghost leaving his identity unknown still.

He finished gathering their things and they left head off in to the day. They decided to drop off his belongings at David’s house before going to go over to where Andrew’s grandparents lived the last David knew. If they didn’t find them, they hoped someone could point them in a different direction or they would rely on phone books to find someone with Dace as the last name.
“I don’t know what kind of greeting they will give you if they are still here.” David said
“I need a bad feeling about this.”
He walked up to the door and pushed the doorbell. He could hear the doorbell chime inside and shortly after he could hear the little footsteps across the floor. The door came open and he came face to face with a child.
“Hi. Is you mommy or daddy here?”
“Just a sec, k?”
He stood on the doorstep watching the small child run back down the pathway from the door and around the corner. A short time later, a man walked around the corner and up to the door.
“Can I help you?”
“I am looking for Dace’s.”
“They are my grandparents.”
“Adam Dace is my father.”
“Sorry, the name doesn’t sound familiar. Now if you will excuse me I need better things to do.”
“Tha…” Andrew started to say, but the door slammed before he could get what he wanted to say out. He turned around shrugging at David.
“Come on, son, we will find a phone book.”
“Sounds like the next best place to look.”
They drove down to the nearest gas station. Shocked, Andrew found pay phones with the phone books. Most of the time, they disappeared by now, although he didn’t think much more of it. He picked up the closes one and started flipping through the pages looking for the name Dace. They only found one name in the phone book. He flipped a couple of quarters into the payphone and dialed the number next to the name.
“Hello. I am looking for the parents of Adam Dace.”
“I am sorry they are not here. George passed away just a year ago and Mary is in the nursing home across town.”
“Thank you very much.”
“Your welcome.”
“I found a match.” He said turning around. “She said George passed away just a year ago and Mary is in the nursing home across town.”
“Lets head over to Sunny Side Nursing home maybe she can help us.”

Sunny Side Nursing home sat about 5 blocks from the first door we knocked on. Flowers grew in front of the windows and birds flew around them in a flying symphony. Sunny Side stood so beautiful it could be claimed as almost to good to be true. They walked up to the front doors and inside. The inside smelled of freshly picked flowers accompanied by gorgeous furniture. The people sitting on and around the furniture where aged more then the furniture itself. They stood at the front desk waiting on someone to appear.
“Can I help you?”
“Yes, I am looking for Mary Dace.”
“She is in room 34, just down the hall.”
They continued down the hallway looking for room 34 finding it positioned at the end of the hallway the nurse pointed down. Andrew knocked on the door.
“Who is it?”
“It’s Andrew Dace.”
“I am Mary Dace’s grandson. I need traveled a long ways to see her.”
The door opened and Andrew came face to face with the man from the house this morning. Shocked, Andrew stood his ground about getting to see his grandmother. He rode a long ways and done a lot of searching to find her.
“What are you doing here?”
“I am here to see my grandmother.”
“I don’t think she is feeling up to having any company right now.”
“It’s very important I get to see her today. I go home in just a few days and I would like to talk to her before I go.”
“How about lunch with me first?”
“I will meet you are Sandy’s bar on the corner at about 2.”
He turned and closed the door. They could hear him walk away from the door and back over to where she sat, probably still unaware Andrew even shown up.

Jerry sat down next to his grandmother. Thoughts filled his mind and drowned the voices in the room out. He remembered his Grandpa George
“Come here Jerry.” George watched his grandson walk over to the side of the bed before continuing “Jerry, I’m not going to be around much longer so I need you to do me a favor. Once I am gone, your grandmother will be alone. She will need someone to watch after her.”
“I can do it, grandpa.”
“Your grandmother is a very delicate woman, especially when it comes to Adam. You remember the conversation. Your grandmother doesn’t need any trouble from his or any of his family do you understand?”
“Yes. It will be done.”

“Jerry? Jerry?” Melissa said
“Let’s get some lunch.”
“I need something I need to do first. How about I meet everyone at home.”

Both David and Andrew sat at a small table in the corner at Sandy’s bar. They ordered a couple soft drinks and an order of fries to share to nervous to really eat. He come a long ways to see her and her family, he didn’t care what it took. He glanced up at the clock, which now read 10 minutes after 2, and then to the door where he finally saw the man from his grandmother’s room.
“Sorry, it took me so long to get here. I got caught up in some things. My name is Jerry Dace”
“So how is grandma?”
“She is okay. She don’t remember us very much, but once in a while she will recognize one of us.”
“Her mind is almost gone then isn’t it?”
“Yes, she is much older then what you think.”
“So when can I see her?”
“Are you ready for this?”
“Yes, I need come a long ways.”
“She is my grandmother. She gave birth to my aunts and uncles in her mid-twenties all with my grandpa. She is a great grandmother now. When she was forty-five, some 23 year old man stepped into her life doing a lot of damage along the way. The final damage was your father who was given up in a confidential adoption. The family, especially grandpa, didn’t want her to need anything to do with his family anymore. She has experienced a lot of pain in her life. Pain with her kids, confusion of where she was supposed to be, and now she suffers from it enough. We don’t want you do go around her and bring out all the pain we have helped her to forget. You will just remind her to much of everything has happened and she will go back to the way she was before.”
“So you don’t want to me to see her because of this.”
“I would rather you not see her, because I will not be responsible for bringing the hurt back to her.”
“Even with your grandfather gone, and she probably won’t even remember me anyway.”
“Even considering your reason, please just stay away.” He got up and left without even saying goodbye or ordering anything.
“He was a little rude.” Amy said
“Yes he was.” David said
“So now what?” Andrew said
“We will go down and wait on them to leave, because they can’t be with her all night. Then you can go in and talk to her.”
“What about my grandfather?”
“We don’t know the name of the diner.”
“What about my adopted grandparents? They might know something of my grandfather. If anything, I will be able to find more out about my father. I know I am just after a match, yet curiosity still is talking. Mom or didn‘t know dad was adopted or the idea I need two different sets of grandparents, so I need no idea who they are. Yet I do have dad‘s class ring. Maybe the high school will have some record.”
“Probably, but we will tackle the high school another day. We don‘t want to over do it.” Amy said.

They sat outside what felt like days waiting. Finally, he saw the man from the diner and several others emerge.
“Now you need to hurry. I would imagine they are about to eat and they will be back afterwards. I don’t want them to catch you in with her.”
He stepped out of the car and walked up the sidewalk. Inside he passed by the desk and down the hall to room 34. He knocked on the door, but no answer. He knocked again, and the door creaked open. He peaked in around the room to see and older women he guessed to be in her eighties. She sat in a chair and glared out the window. Even with the knock on the door and him entering she didn’t even budge. She just continued to sit in the chair staring out the window. He walked around the front of her and leaned down to the size of a little kid waiting to hear a story. The wrinkles hung from her face like years and years of stories, smiles, laughing, and time on a beautiful picture. She still had beautiful skin and gray hair any older lady would experience. Her blue eyes, like the deep blue ocean, held years and years of secrets behind them. Things she would never tell anybody not even the man she loved for so many years. He looked deep into those eyes looking for the doorway to her heart. A part of him seemed to think if he could get past those eyes, maybe some truth would come out.
“No, grandma. I am his son.”
“Adam? Is that you?”
“Grandma.” he started to say again. Nothing could be said help her understand.
“Adam, it’s been so long. I am glad you came to see me. Are you here to take me to heaven with you? There are so many things I want to tell you before we go. There are so many things I should have told you a long time ago, but the way the situation made it almost impossible. Some times I think I could have tried harder to tell you because you remained more important then George. In time, he would have understood where I stand and I would have earned some respect. At least I could can hope. I know we didn’t get to talk much, but I hope you understand why. I wanted to tell you so many times how much I loved you, and how much I wished I could have kept you. Somewhere deep inside I knew I couldn’t though, everyone could not have accepted what I felt. I loved you even after you came and found me again. I wrote to your father a few times after I gave you up. The last day I saw him was the day of your funeral. We stood in the background, but we never said anything about the past. During the whole thing, no one saw us at the funeral and I was the only one to see a tear run down his face. After all of those years, he told me he wished he could have been more of a father to you. I am so sorry for everything my son has done to you. I know I shouldn‘t defend him, but he is my son still. I do love him as well. In time everything will work out the way it should, but it won‘t happen when I am here.”
“I just came to visit you after so many years, but it’s not your time yet.”
“Okay, I will be waiting, when it becomes my time.”
Afterwards, she just turned her head back to the window and continued to look out. A tear ran down his face just like his grandfather so many years ago. He knows understood she would never be able to tell him what he needs to know. He kissed her on the forehead, and quickly left.
Andrew stepped out the door and headed down the hall. He was almost to the front door, when a hand reached out and grabbed him. Andrew spun around coming face to face with an older women.
“Andrew, I need to talk to you.”
“Who are you?”
“I am Melissa, your grandmother daughter in law.”
“What do you want?”
“I know you are not here after information about your father. You are here for other reasons, medical reasons I would guess. I can see it on your face. I can’t watch as her family treats to you this way. Meet me at Denny’s tomorrow at 2 p.m. Now hurry, he is coming.”
Melissa turned and walked away quickly. Andrew didn’t hang around any longer. As he climbed into the front seat of the car, her grandson walked back inside. It was just a little to close for comfort.
“So what happened?” An inpatient voice came from the other side of the car.
“She thought I was my dad and I had came to take her to heaven.”
“That’s sad.”
“I think must really look a lot like my father.”
“You do.”
“And so she thought I was him. It’s almost like she is waiting on him to come and get her. When she gave him up and did not have anything to do with her son, she felt bad for the choices she made. In return, she distances herself from everybody in the family. She blames herself and is just waiting to die.”
“That’s really sad.”
“My dad never knew who his father was, because she could find the courage to tell him. I couldn‘t get anything out of her. She is in her own world, so to say.”
“So, you don’t hold to many more cards, particularly the family not wanting you around.”
“Not exactly, her daughter in law is going to meet me tomorrow at Denny’s. She has something to tell me, and he wants to do it in secret.”

Jerry Dace walked up the sidewalk to the Sunny Side nursing home. He walked down the hallway to her room, just like he walked everyday for a long time. He couldn’t help but think about his conversation with the young man and his older friend at the restaurant. Such a young man without any understanding about what happened in the past, nor any involvement with the situation in the first place. Somewhere the situation just seemed like he did do the right thing do what grandpa wanted. He needed to continue to respect what grandpa said and done for so many years.
He stepped into grandma’s room like the same old picture still hung in the hall. She sat in her chair in front of the window staring out. Nothing appeared for her to look at, yet she kept telling herself something could be found she just needed to keep looking. He stepped farther in the door and said “Grandma, I am back.”
She turned around facing him. “Hello. You will never guess who came to see me today.”
“Who?” Jerry said stunned at her even talking
“Adam came to see me today. He is okay and he isn’t mad at me. He spend a long time just trying to find me, but he never found his dad.”
“Okay, grandma.”
“The last thing he told me was it wasn’t my time yet, but he would be back when the time came. I am tired; I think I will get some rest. See you tomorrow.”
He stepped out into the hall and walked down towards the door. Stunned he walked dazed out and drove home. Later he received a phone call from one of the nurses at Sunny Side.
“I wanted to talk to you about your grandmother.”
“I don’t know what happened today, but your grandmother came into the dining room this evening and she feed herself. She also engaged in a long conversation with the staff telling about her family and things she has done. She was very pleasant, but we have no idea how this happened especially with a women who hasn’t said anything in months.”
“I think I do know what happened tonight. Grandma had a son who wasn’t my grandfathers, and she gave him up for adoption. He found her one, but she refused to have anything to do with him because grandpa didn’t want her to. He was killed in a car accident and grandma never got to talk to him or even say good-bye. Haunting her for years, she detached herself while the rest of us couldn’t live up to her heart ache in memory of my grandmother. The same night he was killed his son was born. His son came in today looking for her and I told him not to come by and see her.”
“I did see a young man in here twice today once with you and once by himself. I did not stop him, because I saw him with you earlier.”
“No problem, because this grandson looks so much like his dad she thought he was her son. She thought he came back to take her to heaven. Somehow I think she found some peace with the situation, explaining why she is talking and doing more tonight.”
“I understand, so is he not supposed to talk to her?”
“No, he can see her. I think we will be in, the both of us, to see her sometime.”
“Okay, thank you Jerry.”
“No problem.”

He walked up to his room. He needed a little time, since Amy went out with Sandy to de-stress, by himself to get a grasp on what happened over the last few days. Plus he wanted to call his mom. He needs to hear what she found to say. He could find all the people he wanted, but just because he found them didn’t mean he could find himself accepted or even listened to. He just wanted to understand and to be apart of this family instead of some outcast hanging somewhere in the wind. Somewhere deep inside told him her understanding would never be possible, but he at least needed to try. He picked up the cell phone.

Andrew walked down the stairs. He could hear David and his wife downstairs talking. She must have came home after they got to David’s.
“He hadn’t known a thing for so many years, and then when he does find out everyone treats him like the situation happened because of his fault.”
“Yes, honey I know, but nothing can be done for him.”
“You are a retired cop, isn’t there something you can do?”
“No, this is something nobody can change.”
He stepped round the corner looking at them.
“Andrew, you caught us discussing your situation.”
“Nothing can be done except time.”
“Are you hungry?”
“I am starving.”
Sandy’s delicious lunch with hamburgers and homemade potato salad. Sitting around the table, they attempted to keep the conversation on any event except his dad. They discussed high school, but Andrew couldn’t stay away from talking about his dad since he spread through his mind like a grass fire across the prairie. Everything linked back to his dad in some way or another. Whether the conversation drifted from his mom, Jake, or even high school, Andrew managed to link it to his dad every time.
“I think I am going to head up to my room and then get some rest. This last several days have been nothing but overwhelming.”
“Sounds like a good thing for you.”
He gathered his things and walked towards the guest room on the top floor. A strange feeling filled his body, and something told him he needed to wait. The phone couldn’t be for him, no one knew where he was or even the number. They would call the cell phone to speak with him.
“Hello?” Yes, he is here. Can I ask who is calling? Hold on just a minute.” Sandy said. “Andrew the phone is for you!”
“Okay, I am coming.” He hollered back, unsure about who would be on the other end of the phone. He quickly came down the stirs taking the phone.
“Yes, this is Jerry from the restaurant today.”
“Yes I remember.”
“I have a question for you.”
“I was wondering if you went in and saw grandma today?”
“Why do you want to know?” Andrew asked defensively
“I am not asking because I am mad or I am going to threaten you. When I cam back from dinner, she was sitting in her chair next to the window where she always does. The one thing different this evening happened when she turned and she looked at me. Which is the first day she shown life in a long time, and she told me ‘Adam came to see me today. He sounded fine and he is not mad at me for the things I have done to him. He also said it was not my time to go.’ For the first time in a long time, they said she sat and ate dinner, feed herself, and talked with them. She told them about her life and her kids. She even talked about some of the older grandkids, because she wouldn’t know any of the younger ones. I know you came in.”
“Yes, I did. I am sorry, but I needed to see her.”
“My father and I want you to come to my house for dinner tonight.”
“I came all this way to meet my family and if I get to meet everyone else, it will give me part of what I came for.”
“Good. Thanks again for everything you have done.”
“The same to you for everything you have done for me.”
He got off the phone kind of shocked not prepared for the conversation. He turned around to see David and Sandy standing behind him as if parents waiting for an explanation.
“So...” they asked
“He said, after I left, for the first time she sat I the dining room and feed herself and held a long conversation. He wants me to eat dinner with them Thursday.”
“Wow. So she just saw you, and then just started taking care of herself?”
“Yes, so he changed his mind, and wants me to be around. He understood, just like I did, my father grew to be an important part of her life, and what happened wasn’t me or my father’s fault.”
“I am so glad he understood.”
“Me too. I need to call my mom before it gets much later.”
“Okay go ahead.”

“Andrew you better hurry, Jerry is going to be here anytime.” The door bell rang interrupting David. “Never mind he’s here.”
“I heard.” Andrew said from behind scaring David.
“Are you ready for this?”
“Sure, I am going to a house to eat dinner with a family who hated my parents.”
“Relax.” David said as the door bell rang again. He turned pulling the door open.
“Jerry Dace. Is Andrew around?”
“Right here Jerry.” Andrew said stepping out and around David.
“Are you ready?” Jerry asked
“Ya. Here is the picture you asked to have. See you later David.” Andrew said

They arrived at a large house in an older section of town. A porch on the first level and a deck on the second level surrounded the house. The windows spaced just perfect compared to the loving porch light on above the double glass doors.
“They are probably all sitting at the table waiting.” Jerry said as they walked through the front doors. The smell of a delicious meal filled their noses getting stronger as they passed through the entry room, living room and into the dining room.
Looking up Andrew found himself being stared at by lots of people. In the room, a large table filled with mashed potatoes, turkey, ham, the famous green bean casserole, and fresh fruit like Thanksgiving all over again. As Andrew gazed around, looking from face to face.
“We made the children go down to the basement. They have so much to do and a buffet of their own; therefore, they wouldn’t interrupt dinner. I want to introduce you to several people.” Jerry began then turned to the far side of the table going around in a circle. “My dad, James and my mom, Melissa. My Aunt Janet and Uncle Roy. The next two are their children, Robin and Rob are twins. Robin is married to Kyle and Rob is married to Diane. Robin has 3 kids in middle school and Rob has a daughter in elementary. The lady on the end is my sister, Daniel and her husband Jeff. They have two girls in middle school. My younger brother Jacob and his wife, Kristy. They have twin boys in kindergarten. The beautiful woman on the end is Christine. She is my wife. We have two girls in high school and my only son is in middle school. Everyone this is Andrew, Adam’s only son and his girlfriend Amy.”
Andrew waved a little embarrassed at so many eyes looking at him.
“Don’t be shy, Andrew, sit down and eat.” Jacob said.
“What do you guys do for careers?” Andrew asked
“I am a third generation lawyer.” Jerry stated. “Grandpa George was the first lawyer. He built the Dace firm downtown. When my father became lawyer, the business, now a family business, became Dace and Son. Grandpa retired and my dad got the firm. I became a lawyer. Now I go a few more years and the business becomes mine.”
“I guess the house works the same way?” Andrew asked
“Yes, the house’s got family value in it.” Jerry said.
“So Jacob, can you tell me a little bit about my grandmother?”
“Sure. What do you want to know?”
“Anything. Since I don’t know anything.”
“Mary Silver was born in May 1915. She went to school and was one of the few to not only graduate, but graduate at 17. A few months later, in 1932, she married my father, George Dace. She didn’t do much more over the years except take care of her family. I was born in 1933 and Janet was born in 1937. In 1954, George and Mary adopted Tom, who was an orphan. Mom worked a few jobs here and there, but nothing serious.” Jacob paused to take a drink. By now everyone finished snacking. Everyone’s nerves kept them from really eating.
“So tell us about yourself, Andrew.” Jerry ended the silence which pierced the room by the uneasiness find in having someone they was raised to hate sitting at their table.
“Not much. I am a senior this year. I am anxious to graduate.”
“Are you going to college?” Kristy asked. Being a beautiful blue eyed blond marred into the family she didn’t have the family predigest running through her.
“I was going to go off to another state and chase a career in one of my hobbies. The events over the last week made me unsure.”
“Just the discovery of your dad can change so much?” Christine asked
“Not only dad, but I have to keep in mind Amy. She has stood by me though a lot so far.”
“Sounds like you are looking at a wife.” James smirked, “Marriage is a lot of responsibility.”
“A lot of responsibility some people can’t handle.” Andrew replied, “You know about responsibility don’t you, James.”
“I am married.”
“You know Ashley Tysler don’t you, James. She is my aunt.”
“No, I don’t.”
“James, that is enough.” Melissa interrupted.
“Stay out of this. This is between me and the boy.”
“James, you are a lying piece of garbage just like your father was.”
“Don’t even go there, Melissa. My father was a good man, and nothing can change that.”
“Nothing can change that. So do you want to tell everyone how you know Ashley Tysler.”
“Like I said Melissa. I don’t know his aunt.”
“Ashley was James mistress for several years, right up until the point of asking her to marry him. I happen to run into her one day, informing her of the fact James was married. I don’t have nothing against her, but you on the other hand.” Melissa said looking at James. “Now your little affair is out in the open. Why don’t you tell everyone about Tom so everyone can know you’re a piece of shit like your father.”
“That’s nothing but a lie, Melissa, and you know it.”
“If it is such a lie, then why did I track her down and speak to her myself. Why did she drop everything between the two of you so quickly with no explanation.”
“What does this have to do with Andrew, Melissa? Why bring it up right here in front of him?”
“Because, James, you know just as well as I do you are pulling the same tricks as your father did with Linda Haas.”
“I really don’t know what you are talking about now.”
“James, pull your head out of your ass and try to think of someone else for once in your life. You have walked all over everyone, just like your father did, and did some horrible things. You have sunk down to some extreme levels, but Andrew isn’t here to get you, just like his father wasn’t. So stop thinking about your father’s reputation and your reputation, and actually listen to why Andrew is here.”
“You always was falling for someone tricks. If it wasn’t for me, god knows where you would be.”
“James Dace! Look at this boy! He is not healthy, do you think maybe he is not here because of the pickup, but because his life depends on it. Go ahead Andrew, tell me along with everyone else why you have hunted us down.”
“I have leukemia. I have been treated by every way possible. I am down to having to have a bone marrow transplant. Everyone, in my household, has been tested except those on my father’s side. If I don’t find a match, I will die.”
“So is this why you are here? Just so you can live. What did you ever do for us? Why should we drop to our knees, hunting for something to save your life. You have brought enough grieve to my house. Get out.”
“I will go,” Andrew said standing up, “but let’s just hope you don’t have someone’s death sitting on your shoulders.”
The ride home with Jerry was silent. From across town, Mary smiled knowing her dreams hadn’t died.

Chapter Six

As he paced in front of the door, waiting to leave. He paused the reason unknown when through the door slot came an unmarked envelops. Picking the envelope up, he realized the envelope he held looked just like the other two. A third one? Who the hell was playing this game? Whoever found the letters amusing to send them to him also had to be watching him to know where to leave them and followed him from Missouri.
MOVE Man Escapes Rollover March 24, 1984
Calvin maple was rescued when his car hit the ice causing the car to roll three times before coming to a stop. Maple was driving east bound on Highway 34 after the snow storm hit the Loveland and Greeley area. “When the car came to a stop, he was hurt bad enough wasn’t able to get out of the car when he started to smell gas.” Officer Downs reported. The mystery ghost cop appeared pulling Maple out of the car as one witness saw. Maples car was found to have a gas leak although nothing further happened. Maple is still listed in critical condition.

They drove down to the high school in silence. Andrew walked up the large steps into the high school building. Just through the door across the hallway, he located the office. Stepping up to the counter, a couple people could be seen from behind the counter, but Andrew could hear several more in another room.
“Excuse me?”
“Yes, what can I help you with?”
“I am looking for any record of my father, Adam Dace?”
“Give me a minute and I will send Mrs. Midcap walk you down to the library, maybe you will be able to find him in the yearbooks.”
“Okay, thank you very much.”
Andrew stepped back out into the hallway again marveling how much larger the high school back home. They didn’t live in a small town, but still much smaller then this high school making want to wonder the hall gazing at the a mince size.
“Hi. It’s Andrew, Andrew Dace.”
“Hi Andrew. I hear you are looking for any record of your dad.”
“Yes. This last past week I learned the man I have thought to be my father isn’t. His brother is my father and was killed in a car accident 18 years ago. So I came out here to Colorado to find more out about him and to find the family I have never meet. Along the way, I discovered some other hidden secrets about my dad I could not imagine.”
“Sounds like quite a adventure.”
“His last name when he married my mother was Dace, but I know he changed his name at some point. So we might find him under Dace, we might find something different. I am looking more for the other name.”
“Do you happen to carry some kind of picture of him?”
“No, I don’t, but I do know he looked just like me.”
“Thank you so much.”
By then, they traveled down several different hallways leading in all different directions. He knew why they needed someone take him, instead of giving him directions. They stepped around the corner into one of the biggest library’s he ever seen. They walked across the room to the designated area of yearbooks. Andrew knew his dad graduated in 1978 giving him a place to start.
“Thank you, I think I can manage from here.”
“Good luck” She said.
He found him in the 1978 yearbook, but he was listed as Dace. In the 1977 yearbook, he found him as Adam Wells. “Bingo”
Leaving, he passed by Mrs. Midcap.
“Did you find what you was looking for?”
“Yes, I did. His graduating year I found him as Adam Dace, yet in 1977, I found him as Adam Wells.”
“Adam Wells, the all time champion is just about every sport for three years?”
“I discovered his record as I looked back through all the yearbooks.”
“I have something else I want to show you.”
Andrew followed her down a few more all right up in front of a trophy case.
“He is his picture at the top. Several records have not been broken still to this day; we haven’t found a student capable of beating them. All the trophies you see here are all the ones your father helped win over those years. Basketball, football, track, and wrestling. He also was a A student all of those years as well.”
“I didn’t realize he was such a high school star. Now I know where I get my football abilities, although I haven‘t done as well as dad.”
“Your father was a well known man is high school. Although nobody ever understood why he didn’t play at all his senior year. The name Dace is not very well known. Although everybody probably knew it was him then. Everybody now only knows him as Adam Wells.”

Andrew turned and looked at David. “One down and one to go.” He picked up the phone book finding only one Wells. “One shot.” he said as he picked up the phone.
“Hi. I am looking for the parents of Adam Wells.”
“What do you want with Adam Wells?”
“I am Adam’s only son, Mam.”
“Oh my god. After all those years he wouldn’t talk to us, I would have never thought his son would even bother finding us.”
“He wouldn’t talk to you?”
“Not for a long time, but don’t worry about what he did. So tell us about yourself. How is your mom? We need to catch up.”
“I am in town for the next couple of days. Maybe I could come by and see you this evening.”
“I have so much to do. I better get moving.”

Andrew and Amy sat at Denny’s. They had already ordered some lunch when Melissa showed up.
“So what’s going on Melissa?”
“First of all, I want to apologize for last night. The argument shouldn’t have taken place in front of you and Amy. But I knew the only reason James invited you over was to get to know you to figure out how to get rid of you. He doesn’t want you or your family around, for what reason I don’t know yet. I have a bad feeling about his idea‘s. James tends to get rid of people in bad ways. I knew if I didn’t bring those things up everyone else would have never known. On the other hand, I did get to bring up the point to everyone about you not being well, although I didn’t realize how bad. For that I am sorry.
“It’s okay. I don’t go flashing it around anyways.”
“I knew if I brought it up the rest of the family, they would consider helping you, even though it wouldn’t do any good with James. Not all of the family is as terrible as James can be. I am just hopping Jerry doesn’t turn out the same way. Rob and Robin went down today and were tested to see if they matched. I am sorry, but they are not.”
“That’s okay.”
“I don’t know if any of the rest of them with go down. They have things they need to overcome first, especially being raised with James in the house. I don’t have anything on your grandfather. These papers are all I could find to do with George and Mary’s affairs. Most of it is on George’s affair. It won’t help your search, but you might be able to better understand the situation between them and why things happened.” Melissa finished as she handed Andrew some papers. “I don’t mean to run, but I don’t need James to catch me especially after last night.”
As Melissa left, Andrew and Amy sat and flipped through the papers Melissa had given them.
“Remember Melissa and James conversation last night? Melissa mentioned a lady by the name of Linda Haas. All these letters are written between George and Linda. Some of these papers look like they was written by Mary.”
“How about you read them to me?” Amy replied
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