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Year three I think it was
Midday sun in Texas, bearing down from directly overhead, searing the tire iron to a painful grip. The lug nuts won’t cooperate and damn this dust, rising of its own volition, these distorted pixels of heat honing in on the air directly above it. This same tire went flat last time, we’ll need three tires and a rim, if we are to be better prepared for the next flat. Will it be relevant today? Tires spun, threw mud for awhile and dug a rut. I was stuck. It was obvious the car was stuck. We fetched some planks, lined ‘em up under the tires.

Sounds… She drive too? Sounds like your timing’s off today. No, she, the passenger, after he drops off the triplets at the beginning of the film, rides along the whole way. My timing’s off, my… What’d she do? My timing’s off, what’s off with my… Looks great, puckers her lips, scares easily and is along for the ride, late into the night.

Made it to the other side of car, scurried in as he re-loaded and hightailed it ought of there. Couple windows were busted, the metal shredded in places yet the automobile proved to be solid and we continued on our business. Is it a play? The time a deer hauling ass through a field slammed into the passenger’s door. He locked up the brakes in the middle of the night, we all woke up shaken. The deer had broken its neck on impact and died instantly. Tossing carcass on top and tying it down didn’t take long, and we were soon on our way. A dent and some minor scraping brought us sic and a half months of venison jerky. We had so much dried meat, we began to peddle it too. Is it a book?

So I went in his office and said, listen Mr. Donaldson, I put in a lot of hours around here, and I know you realize I’m one of the better guys that work here and I’d appreciate it if you consider this offer I got yesterday. Clarifying some things with his… It isn’t me talking, it’s him. He’s conscious. Starting at three bucks above here, but I’m only asking for a dollar. He has a mind of his own, you’ll see.

He is the personality, stereotype we see. We strive to be like, I don’t know why you’re glaring. Done? He always blames me but he write them all down again. And I’m losing interest in his best of voice mail theory. Confusedly he confessed to the murder, it was me the lead pipe in the study, but then he added, and Martian would be proud that I kept it like that.

You say confusedly, he confessed? I only say them. Fell to his knees, buried his face in carpet. This was when? Capture the moments as succinctly as I can. After they beat him down, hung him and shot at him, he was from then on on-the-run. So they chased him dang near the whole movie? Basically, he had a fast car, a couple stash spot hideaways and was out there dodging bullets… They’re your jokes, and… I gotta see that one. What’s up with your delivery? Oh, and the chick in this movie is curvy.

We could only stop at so many of the hotels in the cities we pass through, we could only reflect so many of the unique custom, exquisite personalities and the varying skill of service the attendants and servants perform, leaving it perfect in its own right. You’re… I’d hate to leave anyone out. I don’t feel all inclusive often. You’re lagging, sounds clipped. How would he go about wanting to sell me some used stuff, probably stolen is what I should have been thinking.

The usual stuff I refer you to should cure it. So what’d you do? Lag, clipped, I sound crystal clear mister. Changed the subject, later on I went online and found a deal at local electronics store and after the in store purchase rebate for twenty dollars a I went and saw him. You know when you’re lagging, and clipping. What’d you say? Next’re incomplete thinks, incoherence… I said el gnaw after a thirty dollar rebate check came in the mail.

Pleas, may be a—Knocks plate of leftovers… What? Off shelf onto linoleum floor trying to get to apple juice. They call’d it good timing. How can you think we’ll fall for that again? It’s scary. For the numerous sufficient bodies who… But why is it scary? Wander along in search of satiate. It’s a scary premise. That’s what I’m asking you, for what? What about the premise is scary? From backseat he says… It’s a scary premise due to the Act of God disguised as a man made incident.

And this incident is… Okay then, what for? Why would you ask that, what is the difference? Well, the timing’s still off. And now it sounds a bit—No, a tad, rushed.

How does it work, what makes it go? A gas powered engine runs it, the engine’s torque is converted for the axles to produce something referred to as drive. The starter’s the simplest I’ve encountered. Head clerk faded from life at his desk. Sometime after lunch, an hour, hour and a half maybe, someone grew tired of his napping.

Arms folded, back bent, head nestled into arms perched on desk. Ernest! Ernest! This report was due some three hours ago! When will it be done? Ernest! Ernest wake up! This sleeping on the job is getting to be serious here! Ernest! Men on a well supplied stage coach, carting sample items from catalog. It certainly helps matters that the older guy is known everywhere. Is it expensive? No cost is too high when considering the innovations and values I’ve here to share with you.

Can I afford one? With the savings your initial purchase will get you, and the subsequent bump in net profit, I’d say within a year you could afford one. Stage coach travel includes these month long legs of journey. Why am I still doing this? Who am I? No wicked twists, has a flare for a graphic scene. Would not be so, how shall I say it, adventurous, not so eager to get into mischief. I was not used to tweeting birds, the song of leaves on branches of shifting trees.

I’m not even familiar with the rustle of animals bounding about in the thicket. I’m born and raised in a metropolis, traffic, arguing voices, shattering glass, alarms, is what I’m used to. Like how to tell a thriving town form a dying one. Holston had the capital but was not sure his people cared enough to be up front year, in the end his people left him hang in lieu of a more traditional installment plan… Not from where the cicadas vibrating their wings, somewhere in the foliage, was totally new to me. May be it’s in the trees, for it does seem to encompass, surround and reverberate, to echo from everywhere at once.

Like how to create an atmosphere conducive to repeat customers. Like how important word of mouth is. Like how crucial a great product and honest dealings are to the trade. Like the movement in one of my favorite fragments which you were narrating. Hastily begins to scrawl out a rough restaurant sketch. Stayed on and heard their latest gossip and local info before we pushed on. Roon Grocery burned down two days after we visited; the police are calling it suspicious. A great white splashes into the room, just missing one of the fishermen and cutting the exit off. Sure it’s a dusty Mom &Pop spot with an older waitress, but she brought our food prompt.

And the coffee refills. She was so good we left a nice tip. Sat on slurping coffee a little longer, browsed local newspaper for a bit. Blocked off by flexing muscle covered in blubber and teeth, four of the six people fishing this far down in building at cusp of retreating submerged level, are trapped. Terror and panic blot out offices within skyscraper. A vapor, teeth, deathly cold, fetid breath and sheer power in each bodily flex. Arbuthnot was gunned down outside his establishment day after we showed.

Is it a coincidence, these deaths, or is there something more to it than merely chance? Gnashing and its flopping, thrusting, bending, flexing, seeking the sea depths, instead the shark finds carpet and office furniture, partitions and photocopiers. One fell too close, instantly his life blood became intermingled with salt water, with those bloody depths of freshly severed fish. Yet he continued flopping around the wholly unfamiliar environment, tainted by bookshelves and broken window glass, by desks and couches.

The second requires scrambled eggs, four sausage links, two slices of toast and a bowl of raisin bran. The High School team’s defending state champ and their local University’s in the Top Ten, life is good ‘round here.

In other words, she premeditatedly left him mired in bleeding bad trouble. It wasn’t until his guts were spilling out, shaky voiced disposition convinced them. Not pretty, the range of moods and variance of passing fancies is indecent, he said after he snapped his bag shut. Not for the faint of heart. It would not matter much, unless we hit on a stretch of down towns, then it might affect us. But their credit is as solid as it gets, we’ll be taken care of.

As far as the free reign the company bestowed upon us, we’ll utilize it, and it is in this way, we shall discover essence. No formal synthesis explored. It is at times exactly as I believed the arrangement to be, semi-formal synthesis. Therefore our versions, including horseback riding, continue to dwindle. Stock tales further depleted, a lessening of money morality tales, nearing nothing.

Bet that was a heck of a day. Sipping on his brew, shoes off tie unknotted shirt unbuttoned relaxing in chair, staring out window. It was exhilarating, it is amazing how much more intensely the feelings continually cascading a hunters consciousness flit to the surface, than the emotions I’ve been able to gather put forth by say, a fisherman articulating exact weights and lengths of his latest venture into deep water to reel in the bag limit.

Speaking of boats, does this yellow marvel feel like its running rough, roaring louder to you? The suspension isn’t catching bumps like it used to, but I notice no increase in growl. They stopped by her home, over in the trailer park, before leaving town. We’ll probably have to see a mechanic just in case, maybe have him drain the fuel and oil, change the fluids or something when we’re next in a city, just to be on the safe side.

On another more mundane day than today, we could feel free to explore details. Sounds good to me, though I must say the yellow rev always sounds good to me. Standing outside on the patio deck, he’s trotting out potential deal breaking thoughts, and filtering ideas. You’re in love is all. Out back grilling steaks, I said, immediately he went out the back door to the patio. I’m in love? Said hello, then went into the open garage and fetched crow bar. You’re in love with our on the road life.

Returned with our on the road life? Crate, began to pry planks from atop a step ladder. Yes, with the purr of four cylinders, with the cafĂ© waitress’s coffee in chipped mugs, with the lumpy roadside motel beds, head over heels in love with the clean air, with the picture perfect skies spread above our heads. He pictured waves breaking on rocks, just below the cliff. Therefore, in love with heavenly sunrises, is smitten deeply by beautiful sunsets, enthralled by the westward landscape.

Deeply, truly, magnificently in love my boy. Sea spray misting the air, and lightly splashing face with moisture. I get it, I’m in love. Moist water droplets rising off smooth rocks. You’re in love with every dip, every rise in these serene rolling hills, infatuated in every way by the dingy gray asphalt road closed in on the two sides by orchards. Waves become visible as mist dissipates, as the water recedes. Only to be thrown…

Whichever does comprise these endless fields and towering forests, river ringed with green foliage, crowded riverbanks, jockeying one another for positioning, each loudly proclaiming ownership of its stretch of shore. Now we’re back to the beach. I need new wireless provider, this one I have’s splotchy. I know what you mean. Dinner, saloon and hotel canvass’s the staple still. You get—you agree?

Yeah, sometime’s you get reception here, there but not everywhere, so there’s holes, and gaps, and blackouts. Uh-huh, and my phone’s incapable of some things which may prove to be necessary, real soon. Like, you can’t take pictures, you can’t stream video, can’t access your email, can’t get online, no sports scores, weather, voice activated auto dial, what? Comb hair. It won’t vibrate, lack of sound? He is looking into his rearview, observing the couple cars trailing us. You turn the ringer off.
Yeah but it won’t silent ring. From the back seat he says why, or was it asks why? Bzzih, you mean, Bzzzih. Town’s clumsiest man part #1. Bzzzzih, that’s a good one. Working the wheel over ice encrusted mountains. Well I don’t see why you need a new one. I sorry, I, don’t mean top laugh; it’s just i-i-it’s just that the sound, Bzzzzzih. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, ha-ha—If it’s only the ringer, then why… I can’t get stream vid, internet or the ringer on this thing, but that sound is a keeper. Gas pedal mashed through the marshiest swamps around.

She grew plump with stagnation. Still self fashioning, self assured and a tad too articulate, she launches into a lively if obscene discussion, of racial-sexual-socioeconomic woes and worries. This feisty woman held to her vibrant religious plea for a deeper mind at its root.

I'm going to get this job. I am going to get this job he repeated to his own reflection in the mirror.
I am going to get this job. The staff's going to love me, the customers thrilled with product and I'm
going to open up and air out feeling a bit, freshen them up so to speak. So to speak less, build
looks which demand more, produce greater. I am going to get this job. I am going to get this job.

He had his boots laced tight, his coat on hat pulled down hoodie up scooped over, belt buckled pants zipped and was at knob, when? The telephone rang.

Did you catch any of the game last night? What!?

the rambler came for them with thick
Succulent lips, slirping all the vital
Fluids, the flavorings; draining them
Wholesale, bottled and served to you.

When’s your kid’s birthday? You think you’ll have shaved by then? It was a
romantic comedy until you broke her jaw and put her in the hospital. She was
prompt on her thank you cards, once she was released from hospital care.

I spent the last few minutes polishing my shoes. Maybe after church she’ll make
dinner, because breakfast was kind of skimpy. Go call your brother to dinner.
Next week we agreed to visit your parents. I would never have known if I hadn’t
decided to clean and organize his desk.

I paced for a second, pulled on my black hoodie, grabbed the leash and told her
I was going to walk dog, and that I’d be back shortly. The next day I had to can-
cel on her, lunch with boss came up and I saw no reasonable way to excuse myself.

His job was to make copies, sort the mail, maintain his own piles of laundry, not
be out shirking to attend kid’s soccer game. All he had to do was do bills, clean
up the desk top and get around to watch movie, instead I find out he’s tackling
taxes and on clean gutters.

With a hardened stare, we did it again, I cannot recall the last time we didn’t close at least one new sales agreement. Thirty plus consecutive days is good, don’t get me wrong, but a hundred plus in a row is spectacular, unreal. We were discussing the whitening liquid, that piney scented floor and wall cleaner, along with those replacement shoe laces at the table over dinner.

When the nights outside camping decreased it became a symbol of our ascent, these rooms in roadside motels at night. No longer did we camp out, or doze in the car, at night we were to be found in bed, asleep, comfortably; I once told the boss I had no idea what success meant, but now, he did not need to ask did I figure it out.

Cabs passing by all hours on the busy street, mailbox on corner with a lot of traffic hurrying along in both directions, I decide we should try the coffee shop at the intersection. He pictured the two men gruffly shaking hands, a working agreement of seventeen percent for next year in place; the two part ways amicably. I shook his hand amiably, to show the faith I had, have, in his company's interests. You shook his hand because you need this deal just as much as we need this deal. I shook his hand to authorize my thirty seventh leg out there, I've never done it any other way.

What’ll ya have, beer or whiskey? When’s the last time you went to the race track? It’s been some years for me, I was probably a teen last time I saw a horse race. You look like one of them mystery cats, am I right? Yes, I enjoy a good mystery, now and again, why? Well, for starters our client pool is in the dark on this one, they are familiar with the catalog, right? You could say we are indeed enlightening them. So we should steer them truer, I mean are they not the life blood of our enterprise? Steer them truer how?

What would you say if I said we should start pushing the shoe laces harder? Are you serious about this? Listen, we have six laces for this year, by next we’ll be well over ten, a focus on laces would go a long way toward cementing that product. The cleaning supplies are the focus of this trip, but I can see where you’re coming from on the laces.

He should be up getting ready to go to school. He claims to’ve been up all night
studying. Tomorrow I will begin working second shift, the rotations change every
week, sliding back; last week was third, next week will be first. Hotel porter ran
his hook-up charade. She asks one of the doctors to dance. Fry cook by night-n-
grease monkey by day, but those paychecks make it worth it. We walk through
the door and into the restaurant. Air was smoky, like a lounge, pungent scents
from the kitchen relentlessly assault the senses; grabbing a booth, we turn our
attention to the act of ordering food.

But the laces could be our way in, our calling card so to speak, did anyone ever stop to think of that?
No, but I reiterate, these cleaning products are the focus of our journey; if we remain focused, our percentages should continue to rise. I only ask you can the numbers be compared favorably to last period?

And if they are? Then I ask to add more to my own plate, can you imagine the increase in volume shoe laces, work gloves and razors could turn out to represent, if we begin push now? You ever play cards, or roll the dice? Are you familiar with any of the local bookies?

Aches and pain, soreness and a bit of stiffness accompanying the sightseeing and
other noticeable similarities and minor difference of the small towns and the big
cities. The headlights sat atop our vehicle front suspension and they too pointed
out the odd angle, jacking up the car created. We complete lots of jobs with the
1910 version of Hudson. I felt privileged to have a consultant. His pseudonym
bewildered my team. Faith gave me the leather jacket last year.

Some of the very astute observers may say the work of Len, Sid, Cliff and Colin
was, how shall we say, a tad overripe. By early March he had a Corvette, tarped
in his driveway, Ms. September in his bed and a yacht so big, the city had to
raise the drawbridge for it to pass. When she walked away on the beach, her
bikini left little, if anything to the imagination; it was the last time I ever laid
eyes on her.

You boys ever step into a cage over at a swing and a miss? Never swung a bat
when it wasn’t in anger. I’ve never swung a bat period. Wow, there’s nothing
like the sound of a solid hit on the ball; the tink of contact, rapid ascent of a well
hit ball and the fish net nylon mesh which stifles the leather covered brick’s
kinetic energy. You follow the papers don’t you, I bet you’re a Sox fan aren’t you?
Cubs. Yankees. I find sports to be too polarizing, too cut throat for me to
embrace myself; though some continually spot the fun moments in it.

Loud and clear boss. You have my full attention sir. And as such, we should
never let our attention flag, no mental lapses, a distraction should not impact
us one iota during our business day; save the fun for after hours, once the work
day is done. That’s a reasonable request boss. I believe I can handle that sir.

Being performed on the beach with buried seashells and flotsam washing
ashore; if it does not concern the company, I don’t want to hear it. And it’s back
to the next five towns on our map, the potential in-roads for connections, via
word of mouth. So no more digressions, no more diversions, just absolute focus
on catalog, contacts and those few connections supplied by corporate. I want
you guys to understand a few things, there are not a lot of others with this level
of freedom to roam as we do, within the organization; two, we are trailblazers,
pioneers, frontline guys operating as a type of guinea pig out here on the road,
are you hearing me?

Have a chat with the manager. Afterwards a trip to the diner may be necessary, sweet talk waitress or two, maybe proposition another manager. We always spend freely in towns we visit, drinking with clientele, socialize with bar girls. We advertise our connections, get the word out and stir up talk.

Full, tired from a day of traveling and drunk, he makes way to hotel. His advice, directs my approach, helps focus my attention on Pop from Mom-n-Pop General or on the bank manager who has recently opened general stores in towns close by.

She’s knocked up again, and he’s nowhere to be found, it’s dreadful I tell you, simply shameless. Overwrought by the trees ever shifting leaves slowly changing shades, as the shadows lengthen, and our sky turns more and more often to a slat gray with a light drizzle. Need baseball cap, maybe a light rain jacket, music, rolling up the blocks, lights and traffic.

So Holston’s people weren’t sure. We should send someone up there in a month, see if they still have any doubts of our bounty. May work, but they sound reluctant. So you two agree they weren’t fully focused?

Hustling scenes onto a canvas, blending the colors into a portrait of the city, then out to the sticks; rolls down the back roads seeking the next moderately to highly populated stretch on the great American highway, folk music whispers faint lyrics over notes as we discuss our favorite jazz tunes and players. It formed a bond between us, somewhere along the way.

Sweet tooth aching, sip some water from new water hose. The water tastes funny, rubbery, off chemically somehow? He showed me his camera, I had heard but I never could have guessed how it worked. The awe inspiring, record spinning, beautiful note repeating, wonder of kinetic energy known as the portable phonograph. We'll keep reaching out as long as the transmission holds, until the people recognize us by face, by faith we began and by grace we'll finish. The muffler was good until we drove into Wisconsin. Rough roads up there, real rough roads, took a toll. Minnesota was no better, it was tragic; discussed torque converters, the necessary torque needed to haul various things, the concept of horse power, revolutions per minute, mile per hour, oil gauge, hot to cold gauge and the fuel gauge. Gas can, order forms full of tools for the mechanic, the gardener, even the professional mason.

There’s nothing wrong with a heaping pinch of chaw, you guys sound like my
mother; stop drooling, watch where you spit, that habit’s repulsive. You know
she may have been right. She most certainly had a point, and you know it. I do
not have a problem, she didn’t have a point and I’m going to continue enjoying
my chew, and that’s all there is to it. You messed up the mood with those ladies
last week, ruined the good time we were planning with that waitress and her
very pretty friends the week before; all by stubbornly continuing to enjoy your

Long ball wins driving range, sounds like fun; either of you guys ever golf? No.
Not recently. I saw the yard placards and wonder how hard it is to hit the ball,
two, three hundred yards. Probably a lot harder than we think, would be my
guess. To the uninitiated, I’d say it’s darn near impossible.

Dress shoes need a shining, but he can't worry about this right now. Plenty of clean white shirts, right? Yes sir comes from back, dust, dirt, mud, muck and grass stains will have their work cut out for them; we have plenty. Spent a few of days out by the lake, working with a few resorts, convincing managers to invest; helping them to better present the digs of their business. Sheets, comforter, pillow cases, napkins, table cloths, curtains, towels, uniforms and the kitchen work areas all improved by simply changing the cleaning products.

The moist air slid down backs like so many snails making way groundward, shirts soaked with sweaty pit rings seek to meet the spreading wet spot on back and as the evening breeze picks up, one can audibly hear the sighs of relief. Thickening moist air, coalescing into a visible vapor, by looking out of the side of eye, one could almost see individual water droplets swirling on the breeze, seemingly clinging to the air, suspended from so many million imaginary strings.

The ‘densing air begins to act like an unfocused lense, shortening the line of sight, obscuring road signs and our roaring roadster is forced to slow down to a creep, along these back country roads. A vague, undiscernable light looms on the distance; a motel sign? A diner? It turns out to be the grocery store we were told would announce our arrival at the edge of town easing the vehicle into its gravel parking lot, pulling to a stop; we realize it is closed.

We'll catch it in the morning when it opens, where'd he say the hotel and diner are located? About a mile further down this road. Straight ahead on the left did he say? Correct, and the watering hole is located about two blocks beyond that. You and your drinking binges. A shot or two is not a binge. It is if you do a couple every hour on the hour. He's not that bad.

I seem to be the one doing most of the speaking to the people we meet, initiating the most contacts, closing the most deals with signed contracts and I believe our teams profits reflect that. So who cares if you have a stealth nip now and again, right? My uncle was uh alcoholic, my cousin’s uh alcoholic, most people tell me my grandfather was uh alcoholic, and I've seen what it does to people; I worry about you at times man.

Well, don't worry so much about me, worry more about the gross profits of our team, our contacts and our signed contracts, okay. Car idling, he puts it into gear and backs out angling rear so he can pull out of parking lot.

I need something soft on occasion, nothing deeper than that can last. Splashing through puddles, suspension being tested by exposed roots on dirt roads and boards lost during shipping, the car holds up nicely. As dusk approaches, the car slips from the asphalt onto the gravel shoulder, jolting us to attention; it must be about time to call it a day, 'ey fellas? I fall in love at the drop of hat, in college I must have had my heart broken a good fifty, sixty times and I still have not changed. Usually, it is the eyes that get me. I like a pretty face, don't get me wrong, but beautiful eyes and a nice body, textbook posture and an aggressive personality, like she knows what she wants, and is used to getting it; I'm like putty in hands. Like I said I'm a sucker for a pretty face, soft lips, plump breasts, round rump, smooth legs and a narrow waist doesn't hurt.

I need a wife to feel complete though, that's how my parents did it, how my grandparents did it and it is definitely the way I'm going to do it. Locked brakes up, a deer in the road blocked the way. Convertible top down in goggles wearing leather football helmet, he asks why won't it move?

Dreary morning, light drizzle soaks in clothes quickly, we find ourselves surrounded by a lush forest and more farmland, as far as the eye can see. Insects splattering on car radiator and windshield, as a thick misty fog, clings to the land and as the crickets are calling and the unseen birds chirping and whistling, we spy a rabbit dart across the road, a freshly squashed opposum in the middle of the road and an old rotten rabbit decaying on the gravel shoulder, all pelt, mush and maggots. A cattle farm slides by, a horse farm passes by and we see a grizzly bear.

You need to develop an appreciation of the opposite sex man, ignoring broads won't get you anywhere. I'm married. So. You can't appreciate a nice set of legs? I appreciate my wife's legs when I'm home. So you don't see the stocking clad ones right there, the one with the confident, authoritative walk, like she knows where she's going. I see.

Or, see the sundress, the thick, muscular bare legs lotioned up and gleaming in the sunlight. You mean those hairy legs entering the grocery there. Yes, legs, whether clean shaven, hairy or stocking clad, you have to love them. Or, breasts, you see the lilac blouse over there, big, but not droopy, more fleshy than fluffy. I see the mammaries, but what was the point of that discussion again?

You develop appreciation of the opposite sex. How about those there, in the white blouse, not too meaty, pert, nice bounce to the rhythm of her stride; those're like a belly full of warm, chunky stew, you feel that warm feeling in your gut. I hear you. See them, on that older lady, a bit heavy, droopy, but we can blame it on that granny bra she has on. Considerable lot, but look at the sundress with the pert handful, not too top heavy yet noticeable, well balanced, there's an attractive chick.

Nice, but I already appreciate the opposite sex; are you saying my wife is not attractive enough? No, that is not what I'm saying at all; I just think you need to appreciate the eye candy in your surroundings a tad more, enjoy the travels in all their glory some. Maybe you not a leg man, maybe you aren't a breast guy, but look at those gluteus muscles with the thin layer of fatty tissue rounding all into form. I stopped staring at asses years ago. I don't mean stare, glance and appraise, glimpse and appreciate. You've never seen a derriere which made you do a double take, I mean left you gawking.

Well, yes, but not recently. There's one, it may be a bit flat, broad yet it's still effeminate, sexy, womanly if I do say so myself. Or the backside on that waitress the other day, cartoonishly, exaggeratedly round, jutting both up and out; my mouth is watering sitting here thinking about it. My wife has a nice butt and I'll see it when I return home.

Over there, look, the black skirt is filled to bursting with minimal sag and maximum fullness; powerful stride only adds to the appeal. How about this one coming up, it may be narrow and bony, but when combined with the tiny pert breasts and the lithe frame, pretty face; it's perfect. Town after town, state after state the trio began to hear the lingering echoes of conversation repeat, cruise into derivation and the sense of oneness grew.

He stopped off for a couple of cheese pizzas. Cleaver cleaned along with other tools, soapy water with bleach. Paint brush soaking in soapy water, thoroughly rinsed; left to dry. Set alarm pulls door closed behind him wondering what great vision the night holds, before his mind settles on the wife, the yacht and his view of the harbor as he approaches the marina district in his gray Focus. Rolling down two lane road in hard top covered wagon style roof, red wagon wheels rims spinning away miles, aviator cap flaps hang over ears to shoulders; he sees something unsettling and slams on brakes, car skids to a stop.

A couple dogs are escorting a flock of sheep across the road, from one green pasture to the next. Angela Carlo, Norton Mims. I had a craving one Saturday around 11:30 at night for breaded fish with cheese, Jeeves ordered up five of them and I’d devoured 3 by twelve fifteen. I saved the two for breakfast. She’s on a diet, tonight’s caloric intake calls for only carrots and celery sticks; I was simply fascinated. We had leftovers, beef goulash and a few dinner rolls; followed up by a case. I had a cosmic hangover day after.

This cousin of mine in ... The big easy, that sprawling metropolis by the sea. City
of mystery, bowl like topography and grungy, moist aired … This deep south
Mecca, home of the urban emperor, this patois filled Zion known only to me as
Newer ‘leans.

Bangs hiding his stitch scarred forehead, her denim jeans caused discomfort
pulling hairs, chaffing skin. She looks over and attempts a smile, it dissipates
before she can flash it. He’s so hot he’s down to air balling, and with one hand
on wheel, he’s fanning his shirt with other. When they stop, she can be seen
wringing out his tie, as he wrings out his socks, one at a time.

She made Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes with a side of corn and bowl of mixed fruit. Scrumptious meals, and she has me eating healthier. No more humungous nacho, four alarm chili, nor pork rinds in cottage cheese or quadruple bacon BLT’s at three in the morning. Now it’s sliced apples, or oranges.

When they pass we accelerate back to cruising speed and notice a pig farm by its stench. A few minutes later’s when we spotted a snake mashed into the asphalt, all guts, blood and skin. Small frontier town, the arrival on carriage stops in front of hotel; first we rent a room, than head over to the saloon; speak to a bartender.

He makes a mean sloppy Joe on my night at the gym; he seems to be content enough. I remember the night clearly, she made cheeseburgers as I brought patties in from off the grill; we ate. When it sped up I left. Radiator exposed, headlights susceptible to damage, relic hits the road roaring. Silver crank handle stowed in a fabric pocket on the inside of car door.

Ice cream parlor located on northwest corner. Young folk coming and going at soda shop, ice cream parlor down the block is hopping equally well. Out front of ice cream parlor pedestrians file by endlessly, and ceaselessly in both directions.

Folk music whispers barely audible rifts over acoustic string music in passing automobiles. Guys come up block arguing the qualities and strength of their favorite jazz men.
Here we are speaking percentages with a pharmacist.

Do you ever read science fiction? Is it a must for it to be fact based? You ever consider doing something different with your life? Like what? Like a different career, different family, a life style whole differing from this one you’ve chosen. Earning income in a different way, living at a different address, you know.

I guess I haven’t, I’ve been out here hustling this catalog for so long I take things for granted; like the wife’ll be there whenever I get there, Jr’ll be a little taller, a little stockier and the funds from this jaunt will finance it all.

I’ve finally managed to make my room feel like home, at first it smelled foreign, and I felt out of place in it, but now, it’s like I’ve lived here, and only here. Sunrise gleams brilliant here, in early autumn waning moments of darkness, light flooding landscape leaving the dazzling sight to brighten.

We were glad to finally leave for New York.

What would you say, if I said, we should start pushing the shoe laces harder? The powder has always sold steadily, and assorted smell goods too but the cleaning supplies are revolutionary. I never wasted his time, I never wasted my breath and she can’t understand me? You look like one of them mystery cats, am I right? Right off the bat I thought seafaring adventurer, but I never will count out the cowboy again. In a few short weeks, they’d gone from post collegiate boarding room they shared to persuasion techniques to be used on the reluctant investor and the head of the hotel association alike.

You know Hugo, the one she had the baby with? Lost all his money in a day in Las Vegas, Hugo? His many loves taught him self control, Hugo? Have we collected all the mail for this mailing? How is our dry cleaning looking? Monica Rodriguez, Eloisa Bury. We make good boxes, study pine boxes; the ancient Egyptians were expert embalmers, so legendary, we still their techniques today. And how’d you happen to hear of it? Bill, brown haired one, gunned them down in the street, it would appear he left them lay where they fell.

He used to obsess about it. I’s in the saloon when the encounter began, two rough looking cross eyed characters, you know the not all there types; both of ‘em had attitudes-n-when their hard eyes got to staring, and the angry words flowing, spoken quickly and escalating up to blatent insults.

In developing this appreciation, I've learned woman is a rather beguiling creature, even without trying to gain attention for herself, she still seems to captivate, almost entrance, the observant, hypercriticals amongst us males. She should, she's God's gift. Her loyalties would indicate perseverance. Brent grew up among Indians, now he’s a bartender, drink keep.

Listening to folk music, jazz tunes or classical pieces; it was like we became dependent upon this little music box. It cheered us no matter how business was going, and often it was good, it moved us to new heights regardless of the day’s final tally and it formed a bond between us, these sing alongs and shout outs.

Long days linked in repetition, held together by pushing buttons, separated by only a few short hours. Did you figure out how you lost Holston Pharmaceuticals on that one? Fixing a flat became routine, replacing blown bulbs a game and gassing up and splitting driving time an afterthought.

I know Roon Grocery was interested; what happened? Not today.

This mechanical marvel was the vessel chosen to get you this information, this chrome encrusted mythos was chosen to ferry me across this land, making each and every one of your docks potentially my destination.

That day he had an interview, a job interview, he was going to be regular not
leaded, and outgoing and easy going, not introverted and guarded and he was
by Job going to get this job.

franklin rose within a chant, a looping
Flurry of well ordered words, minus
Wasted breaths and vain prayers; a
Hook spoken aloud infectiously, a
Phrase contains words that stick.

The man wants his stretch moments by the outgoing tide, how can you deny
him? You called this opportunity, a distinct possibility, if I’m not mistaken. Were
you not listening to a thing I said? I hear you no answer my question about yoga.

When are we going to stop at a beach, you told me when we first set out, that
I’d be allowed my yoga hour on a beach in the sand by the sea. Could the idea
wait until a more appropriate time?

Anybody thirsty, I’ve got water and some apple juice if anybody wants any. No,
I’m good. I’ll have some as long as you guys won’t object to a pit stop soon. Not
a problem, I’ll probably have to go by then too. Motion carried, bathroom break
coming up. I don’t see why you do that when you know it’s a disgusting habit, all
that brown goo, yuck. And when you spit, could you please not spit on the car?

I had my sights set on those ladies man. What possessed you that night, what
got into you; I mean why would you grab a handful of her bosoms like that? Did
you have to pinch her derriere so hard? You already palmed her bosoms, I figure
what difference does it make if I feel her firm tush. Both of you were wrong,
between the two of you, you’ve run off all sweet voices of potential company,
dang it.

It was just a thought. We’ve been on this road, six, seven days now? Ten by the
end of tonight. That long? How fast is this leg of the trip going? All things consid-
ered it isn’t slow, but then again, we never make the time I aim for; I’ve learned
not to rush it.
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