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This is a review of my Wordly Travels over a period of 25 years.
This is a short synopsis of my view of different Continets/Countries.

I have traveled to:
Europe: I liked Denmark, Netherlands, & Germany. Of the 3 i liked Denmark the most. The indiginants were free spirited and very friendly. The ladies were very lovely and friendly. The countryside was immaculate; as if a landscaping organization planted everything by hand then groomed it.

The Netherlands was a nice place, but too aristrocratic for me.

Germany was a friendly place but a bit on the rough side. It had an open culture as was evidenced by the beer vending machines on the sidewalks.
France, Spain, Gibraltar, Italy;

France (Cannes) was erotic. The beaches were occupied by a varied population. Ladies were friendly, half nude (top only), and extremely free spirited. The coffee houses were filled during breakfast and worked on the honor system. The counter was filled with croissant in baskets, different coffee machines and pots, and the customer paid according to what he/she consumed. A very lively atmosphere. Everybody enjoying the morning hours (6:00 - 11:00).

Spain - Wonderful golf courses; fantastic bull fighting events; leisure afternoons served with Topas. Most shops are closed from 1:00 to 5:00pm. Nice people and very friendly to everybody. Women were dressed modestly; not having to show what they knew they had.

Italy - Wonderful food; vibrant people; very handsy (LOL). I've never seen a nation so alive. They seemed to charish every moment of the day/night. Couples showing affection openly toward one another. Ladies were between pretty & lovely. Very helpful toward strangers. Very romantic.

Saudi Arabia - Extremely subdued society. Controlled; Regimented; openly religious; all time was geared toward prayer times. All business closed during each of the 5 prayers. Exotic country; much Art & Culture. Ladies (of those I saw) were very beautiful. Friendly for the most part. Very good manners.

Morroco - Much Art & Culture exhibited. Great culinary! People extremely friendly. Lovely women. Extremely friendly & helpful toward strangers. Open markets made shopping a pleasure. Very modern.

Kuwait; Emirates; Dubai - These are less regimented. Mixed religions but mostly Islamic. Fantastic Art & Culture exhibitions. Extremely friendly toward strangers. Ladies very lovely. Fantastic eyes. Wonderful culinary; some of the best I have ever eaten.

Phillipines - Filled with beaches & mountains. Great scenery from the mountainous resorts. Very friendly toward strangers. Very lovely women. Modern, yet at the same time visible pre-modern times. Great resorts.

Maylasia - This country is OK to visit, but the food is mostly Indian and very spicy. Curry is a major culinary item. If you like Curry and Spicy foold then you'll love this country. Religion is mixed. Women are good looking to pretty. I'd say medium to very friendly; depends on which city you're visiting.

Thailand - This is the most beautiful country I ever visited in Asia and most all countries during my travels. Fantastic beaches and mountainous areas. Gorgeous golf courses. I can honestly say the most beautiful women I ever saw and spoke to.
Very friendly to strangers. Nearly all the Urban (and many suburban) speak English. Education is paramount in this country. Many Thais are educated in England & USA. Most finish a Masters degree before ending their foreign education.
I could go on forever about this country, however I don't want to bore you. Visit this country and you'll see exactly what I mean. It's breathtaking & fantastic. Extremely modern & wonderful architecture. Varied religions live as one.

I hope the above helps you decide where you would like to travel. There are many countries I didn't mention because they were either average, or less than average in content.

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