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My son Rusty
RE: Dr. Babine

Muzzy "I'm concerned about my son..."
Dr. Babine  "You didn't tell me you had a son. What is bothering you?"
Muzzy  "He's killing little animals and playing with their dead bodies."
Dr. Babine  "Is this your cat?"
Muzzy  "Yes. I've decided to adopt him as my son."
Dr. Babine  "That's funny. Muzzy could you come into my office?"
Muzzy  "Well, I prefer these phone conversations.... It lesss
Dr. Babine  "............Your studering.... are you feeling safe?"
Muzzy  "It's been a difficult year.... getting fired... putting a gun to
            my head and pulling the trigger... I wonder if the gun really
            misfired. Maybe, this is some karma I have to work out
            before I can fade away."
Dr. Babine  "Are you living at the same address?"
Muzzy  "Well, I moved... but I'll find something soon."
Dr. Babine "Where are you now?"
Muzzy  "Outside the Kittery MacDonalds... I was checking out Taz."
Dr. Babine  "Muzzy....She's married and has had a baby. This is not
                  a healthy attitude.+"
Muzzy "Taz was cool about it... I think her breast are bigger."
Dr. Babine  "Move on and live your life.... What are you doing?"
Muzzy  "I'm a published author."
Dr. Babine. "Anything I can read?"
Muzzy  "Check out www.writing.com."
Dr. Babine "Are you being paid for your writing?"
Muzzy  "It's a learning experience... Rusty is obsessed with his sister."
Dr. Babine  "Are you speaking with yours?"
Muzzy  "She still doesn't want to...... But, I think were still friends."
Dr. Babine  "Where are you calling me from now?"
Muzzy  "I going to see Rocky."
Dr. Babine  "Again? Is this the fifth time?"
Muzzy  "I think so... I just like the come back kid...
            Maybe, I'll be a superstar.+"
Dr. Babine  "You need to make realistic goals... Are you?"
Muzzy  "I spoke with Maura last night. She thinks I'm a jerk."
Dr. Babine  "Your older sister Maura? She committed sucide."
Muzzy  "So? She's a ghost."
Dr Babine  "Muzzy, I'm at my office. Come over and we can talk
                more intimately about this."
Muzzy  "I like these conversations... I feel I have more control on
              a cell phone."
Dr Babine  "Well... at least were talking this through."
Muzzy  "And your cute...... Gotta go!"
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