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Tonny is a private eye who finds himself in jail
    "What the..."-was the first thing that came in Tonny's mind. He had woken to find himself in the sell of the New York Police Department. Everything was such a blur. His skull was two sizes too small for his brain. Why iwas he here. He could remembered that at Tuesday he and his friend Joe were going to celebrate in "The Nightwish" club-a club which could make any of its costumers' wish come true...for the right prize.
    Since Tonny was a private eye, Divorce was his frequent companion. Before three days a very importaint assignment was given to him. He and Joe took it. Carl was so surprised that their assignment was completed, that he gave them promorion
    But Tonny could not remeber anything from the moment that he and Joe entered "The Nightwish" club. What had happened there? Did he got drunk and did something for which he got busted. Could be! Yeh or he killed someone and got hit on the head. He could make conjectures till he died, but there was a easier way to find out-"Just ask the cops why you're here and you'll know, idiot!"-he told himself.
    He was coming out of the blur. The smudged image of his sell was clearing and he did not like it. The sell door was missing. The sell was covered in blood. Oh, yes, it was blood. He could tell from the revolting smell, which was surrounding him. "God, why didn't I smell it before?". There were left-overs from what seemed to be sellmate- a hand, a corpse which had marks of bites and scratches. It was as if something had been eating it, but it was not a wolf. A grizzly! Ofcourse, and that is why Tony was still alive. "But a grizzly killing a man in a police department- GIVE ME A BRAKE!". And where were the cops. someone must have heard something. "What the fuck..."- Tonny said. He got up  and walked towards the sell door.
    The thing has sharp-shaped outlines, bat wings, grotesque face with horns on its head and its kneeling. And there are two more right beside it. They are grey statues. They seem to be gargoyles. Tonny raises his arm to touch one of them and realises something-his body is covered in the same sticky, crimson liquid that has painted the whole sell. "WHAT THE FUCK'S GOIN' ON HERE!!!"   

to be continued...     
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