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Heather Beck, author of the Fable Farm Series.
My name is Jared and I’m an aspiring freelance writer.  I love reading books, especially scary ones.  I discovered author, Heather Beck’s work through a recommendation from a friend.  I picked up the first two books in Sparklesoup’s Fable Farm series.  Since the books are targeted at a younger audience I am almost embarrassed to admit that I devoured each book.  As I passed the Fable Farm books around to my friends I was happy to learn that everyone else enjoyed them as much as I did.  I wanted to tell Ms. Beck how much I enjoyed her writing.  I googled her name and was happy to see that she had an official website.  I e-mailed her and received a response a week later.  Heather thanked me for my support and agreed to do a small interview with me.  I e-mailed her questions and this is how she responded.  After a few e-mails back and forth the outcome is this:

Interview with Author, Heather Beck

JARED: When did your interest in writing begin?

HEATHER: It’s impossible to say but I do remember that the desire to write a book series started in grade two.

JARED: That is a very young age to have such an ambition! Where you inspired by any particular writer?

HEATHER: In grade two?


HEATHER: Francine Pascal.

JARED: What writer inspires you now?

HEATHER: The reading load of an English specialist is heavy.  Thus, I don’t read anything that is not required for a class.  Overall, however, I admire Tennessee Williams and Jack London.

JARED: I also enjoy Tennessee Williams’ work.  Which of his plays is your favorite?
HEATHER: I’ve read and enjoyed most of his plays but my favorite is Night of the Iguana.

JARED: I haven’t read that play.

HEATHER: Try to get hold of the play and the screen adaptation.  It’s pure brilliance.

JARED: I have read a few reviews of your work which contain the word brilliance.

HEATHER: I take that as a wonderful compliment.

JARED: And so you should.  You have written a lot of scary stories for kids.  Which story has been your favorite and why?

HEATHER: That is such a hard question to answer.

JARED: I’ll break it down.  What’s your favorite story from Fable Farm # 1?

HEATHER: Probably “Trapped in Sand”.  I love stories about new civilizations.

JARED: From Fable Farm #2?

HEATHER: “Night School can be Deadly”.

JARED: I enjoyed both of those stories but “Revenge of the Mutant Fish” was my favorite.

HEATHER: I’ve heard that comment before.

JARED: Is “Revenge of the Mutant Fish” a reader’s favorite?

HEATHER: Seems to be.  Little kids usually prefer “Troll Terror”.

JARED: “Troll Terror” was hilarious and extremely imaginative.  Do you get letters from kids who read the Fable Farm series?

HEATHER: Yes, but I also get letters from adults.  Soon after the Fable Farm series came out I got a fan letter from a thirty one year old man.

JARED: Fable Farm definitely has an appeal to a large audience.

HEATHER: I think so.

JARED: You didn’t write Fable Farm #3, right?

HEATHER: No, but I am still writing scary short stories.  My new collection, Ten Journeys through the Unknown will be available from Saga Books shortly.

JARED: I’m excited to read it.  I’m eighteen.  Is that immature?

HEATHER: I don’t think so.  But hey, why would I discourage you from reading my work?

JARED:  True.  Your work is quality though.  Your stories are so creative.  I really love reading them.  Where do your ideas come from?

HEATHER: The number one question!

JARED: I suppose you hear that one a lot, huh?

HEATHER: Yes, but I love answering it.  My ideas come from my perspective of the world, my surroundings and my imagination.

JARED: What’s next for you in terms of writing?

HEATHER: I have many forthcoming books.  Currently, I am working on a TV series (teleplay).

JARED: Your writing style would be perfect for television.

HEATHER: Thank you for saying so.  I hope you’re right.

JARED: I know I am.  Thank you so much for your time, Heather.  It’s been a pleasure.

* * *

More information about Heather can be found at her official website: http://heatherbeck.tripod.com/

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