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A character sketch of one of the twin Princesses. Princess Ardelia is the bad one.
Princess Ardelia and Princess Kyla are twin sisters and Princesses but are as different as day and night. One is bad and one is good. I will write about the bad one first.

Princess Ardelia is evil and the favorite daughter of King Aaron. Her mother Queen Ramona has tried to discipline her over the years but the King won't hear of it. He loves Kyla but favors Ardelia. Ardelia is a beautiful Princess with black hair and dark eyes but her smile is evil. She is feared by all. She loves her sister but loves to take advantage of the fact that her father favors her. No one wants to cross Ardelia.

Ardelia lives in England 1674 with her family in a castle by the sea and the woods. She has a big brown dog named Brutus and he is only friendly to Ardelia. He chases Kyla's pet cat Snowflake all over but doesn't hurt her. Ardelia had an affair with a knight Derrick who was married to a peasant girl Valerie. Valerie was pregnant and gave birth to the baby but Ardelia had the midwife tell Valerie the baby had died. The baby was hidden in the secret apartments of Ardelia's part of the castle and she is having a servant girl of the kingdom raise the baby. Ardelia gave Valerie a potion that made her delusional and she committed suicide by jumping off the roof of the castle. Ardelia married Derrick and is pregnant but she is not one to stay with one man forever. She continues to see other men. Love isn't in her scruples.

Ardelia has disguised herself as a man and done highway robbery and she secretly puts the potion that she gave Valerie in her mother's tea. She would love to get rid of her mother. She has accused innocent men of raping her and had her father send them to the dungeon. As for Valerie's and Derrick's child, she gave her to the gypsies but told Derrick that the child was sick and died.

Ardelia tried to get Kyla in trouble when they were children. Ardelia stoled her father's stuff and had Kyla take the blame for it. Ardelia once put Kyla in the cave by the sea when the tide was coming in. Luckily, the knights got her out in time before she drowned. Kyla loves a Duke's son and Ardelia is trying to get him to seduce her but he wants no part of her. King Aaron is aware of Ardelia's treachery and has warned her to leave Kyla and her beau alone. Ardelia doesn't like being told what to do but she will listen to her father. When her father dies someday, everyone in the village will be fearing for their lives. How can Ardelia be stopped? Derrick loves her and thinks she is perfect. Ardelia thinks that she rules the world. The good Princess Kyla is the only hope for the future.
Beautiful poser of twin Princess sisters by Angel.
Another poser of the beautiful twin Princess sisters by Angel.
A beautiful poser by Angel of a Princess and her dog.
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