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by Chip
Rated: 18+ · Outline · Fantasy · #1200802
This is Mountain Side's Story Line
                                      Story Line and Plot
                                            By; Chip

Chap 1……. Written

Chap 2……. The Town of Emerlet

After awakening from their sleep the brothers leave their house and look about the

town, their house is the only one untouched….

The town is in shambles, most of the houses are damaged, and some were

completely blown down….

At first they see no town folk, then screams begin…..

Search parties are formed…..

Dusk approaches and the town folk notice that the house of Satoym and Yogie is

untouched and turn on the brothers blaming them…..

The townsfolk mob and arrest the brothers under superstition of mystic levels…..

The town has a trial in front of the brothers so they can hear everything……

They reach a Verdict to execute the brothers in the mourning……

The brothers are put into a cell in the tattered jail house and search for a way out…..


Fight for weapons and food…..

The brothers enter the forest off the path to the east running from the town…..

After setting up camp they hear the scream of a young girl…..

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