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by Gaea
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New Years Goal Letter to myself.
Contest Entry

Dear Me,
         Happy New Year! This year some things need to change. Stop hiding so much and finding lame excuses not to work. No more procrastinating!
         Your goal this year is to finish at least one of the plethora of unfinished novels and one short story a month, every month. You won’t give your muses any more vacations or extra long breaks. There is no Muse Union; stop letting them lie to you.
                While we’re on the subject of muses, why on earth do you keep three of them on the payroll, if you won’t make them to work? Don’t give me that rubbish about how they each have their own genre to work in…they have been lazy. Fire them and hire new ones if they won’t get off their little blue butts.

         This is the year of the “Fork and Crow.” Yes, that’s right; I’m holding your feet to the fire this time. You’ll eat lots of crow…and dish it out to those persnickety naysayers who tell you that you can do nothing right.
                While you're dancing in the flames, send stories and articles for something other than school assignments.
         Pull down the walls and open the floodgates. Go swimming again in the story stream; let the cool word water flow freely. Some of your best writing came out when you didn't think of anyone else or what they thought. It was more natural. Stop trying to force the words to please everyone else. Oh yeah, bite the proverbial bullet and show your work, regardless of others' opinions.

                Take this year to go back and reread your favorite books and remember why you wanted to write to begin with, particularly the classics which inspired you the most.
         Make a schedule and stick to it this time! Brain storm and get to know your characters, old and new while walking, like in the old days. Think of it as any other job; you must show up each day, and show up on time.

         In short, you have one simple goal: Get off your derriere and make your dreams come true. No one will do it for you. 
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