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My Sweet Little Ellie

I bellowed out a great big shout
a hand upon my womb.
For I did know, without a doubt
that she had gone too soon.

I settled down upon the ground
doubled over and cried.
For in my heart I was for sure
my little one had died.

The doctor came to me that night
confusion in his eyes.
For no one ever knew I held
this child of mine inside.

Child, for I am not forsaken
pregnant? Bare your belly.
T’was the first I’ve ever shown
my sweet little Ellie.

For shame had filled me day and night
over what I had done.
A simple pleasure of delight
fathered, a child of one.

Dishonor to my family's name
disgrace upon my face.
For months anger had filled my heart
now sorrow takes its place.

I held onto nothing but guilt
and none of happiness.
I never looked beyond the shame
and saw that I’d been blessed.

So now the preacher comes to me
in the mist of the night.
To let me know my sweet Ellie
sits on the lap of Christ.

Her eyes they will not blink at me
her smile I will not see.
I know that my sweet little one
will never cry for me.

I did not make the best of it
I could not set aside.
The anger, guilt and shame I felt
my selfishness and pride.

Between this mother and her child
Time has come to an end.
With no chances to start over
For time I can not bend.

So now I send my sweet Ellie
up to the Lord above.
And sit down here upon this earth
knowing a mother's love.
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