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A poem about decisions, questions and how the grass may not be greener elsewhere
Talkin’ ‘bout the revelation
Leaving me with hesitation
In this nation, feel frustration
Can’t begin to see, or flee
Or hide in Big C to shop
And stop the big flop
It’s started, heavy hearted
Without relief my belief
Is my vice, bites like lice
No more rice! But I’m ‘ddicted
Afflicted with choice
Have no voice, want to shout
Find my way out
Plagued with doubt
Just can’t know, want to grow
Not just run, not just fun
We’ve only just begun?
Jenny get the gun!
I’m having a fit
But tearing my clothes
This life blows, tensions grows
Miss the snows, turns me pale
And I wail at the storm
And shout at the sun
Sit alone with my notebook
As I think up my puns
But I don’t have the answers
I don’t have real dreams
I thought I did
It’s not as it seems
There’s no place like home
But where the hell’s that?
In one place I’m skinny
The other I’m fat
Eating spiritual trans-fat
Yet fiber is bland
Life’s under pressure
So I lie under sand
Neither is right
But which one is wrong
And on and on goes this song
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