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by H. Vaz
Rated: E · Column · Opinion · #1202709
Our culture's loss of respect for money
It has become clear to me over the past few years that our society has lost all respect for money.  When this happened I can only speculate.  Now, don't misunderstand me, this is not a response to people not making money, but more of a response to how much people are spending.

Since when was it normal for middle class people to have $4,000 televisions, $500 video game consoles, $2,000 stereos, $400 shirts, $600 shoes, $700 lamps, and $500 purses?  But, from what I've recently seen, this has become normal.

Now, I'm all for people doing what they want and leaving me out of it.  That's fine if that's what they want.  I am just having a hard time understanding why this junk is so important that these people work themselves haggard and borrow money against their home so they can look the part.

And  regarding the part, does anyone care anymore?  If most people have these overpriced items, do these people even get the recognition they think they deserve for sporting that $250 pair of sunglasses?  For me, I just can't see the real difference between the $250 pair of shades and the $25 pair of shades other than an oversized letter on the side.  Some letter, huh?

At some point people really need to consider if they are getting what they pay for.  I remember going into a kids clothing store recently.  From the displays and snobby sales clerk I could tell it was upscale.  But hey, I have some money and I definitely make more money than the snobby sales clerk, so let's check things out.  Well, I really felt like asking the clerk if the price tag had a type-o.  Little boys pants for $179?  Do they realize what little boys do to pants?  If I'm going to pay that much for my boys pants they'd better grow with my son so he can wear them off to college.

I do realize that technology is more reliable for giving the consumer their bang for their buck.  But, I'd have to question if we all need so much bang.  Is it necessary to have multiple large screen HD tv's in one household?  Of course, HD is technologically advanced, but the difference I see just doesn't live up to my expectations.

So, maybe it's my expectations that has not caught up with society.  For me, if I'm going to put a large amount of money into something, I'd better really need it or that thing better be worth more when I'm done with it. 

But, I guess that's why I don't have a cool HD t.v.
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