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Break-ups are difficult, but avoiding heartache is sometimes easy.
Don't get me wrong, I love my down time. Sundays are great because they serve as the relaxing buffer zone of one stressful week and another one. The only problem is by early evening, I'm bored and wishing I had something constructive to do. For the most part, I've got a go-go-go personality where I've got to be doing something every minute of the day or I'm suffering from cabin fever. I know it's really annoying but I just don't find solace in the idle state of neutral at least for long periods at a time. When it comes to the love life, the same applies.

I'm just like you. Whenever I get burned in a relationship, it hurts and I have my times when I just wanna lock myself in my bedroom, think about the happier times me and her had together and listen to sad break-up songs that reassure me that I'm not alone with that emotional pain. According to the movie, "Out Cold," you're supposed to feel bad about yourself one week for every six months you and your ex went out. I have fallen victim to spending an entire summer hiding from the world and watching the walls close in after a 2-year relationship went sour, but now I'm like it's not worth it to fall down and out about somebody who is totally replaceable (and they all are, no matter how much you like, love or lust for them).

I know it's really easy to fall fast and hard for that special somebody, but the challenge is trying not to and in my opinion is crucial in the beginning. I have a bad, bad track record of meeting new girls and talking to them for roughly 2 weeks and then they're gone for whatever reason....me, them, other obligations, personal issues, something or someone better, whatever. I used to down on myself about it, but now I just come to expect it; it's part of my not getting attached quickly scheme of things. But now I've found the secret is to just keep it moving and don't get down and out about it. It's great because I can't think of a time when I've really, really been down and out about what could've been in a year. Red hot frustration and deep blue sorrow are two completely different emotions and I can deal with the frustration because it makes a great conversation starter with friends and will most likely lead to a better understanding that they've been there too...maybe not on the exact same level, but on some tangent, yes. Like REM said, 'Everybody hurts so take comfort in your friends,' so keep in mind that they're there for you and will outlast most relationships you go through.

I miss back then when it seemed like when a boy and a girl liked each other and weren't too shy to be vocal about it, then that was it and they were going out. But now it's I like you and you like me, miss me, can't wait to see me again too, but just can't find the time to break away from your norm to actually live up to your claims of actually wanting to go out or maybe it's you really seem to like me, but can't make up your mind about it. People's feelings are fickle so that's why I stay away from letting my feelings go to just anybody until I'm a little more confident it's going somewhere. That's why I try my hardest to keep it moving, never rule out my options and proceed with caution in the ways of finding Ms. Right. I hate to sound so negative, but if there's such a thing as a sure thing, I'm so totally looking in the wrong places, but that's okay because I'm all about bouncing back as quickly as possible.
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