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Musings on entering a romantic relationship and potential pitfalls.
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Christianne, is a married woman I was very much in love with. She loved me in return. Our feelings for each other were so strong that we felt we could communicate telepathically. At the time, I didn't have very much to offer and didn't want to entice her from the security of her marriage. She lived near a lake frequented by deer. She loved all animals and had a timid, skittish nature. I tried to express my feelings in verse.

Timid Eyes

Timid eyes
From the forest
Beckon; yet hold back,
Wanting to love;
Afraid to trust.

Lithe body
Like a deer
Ready to spring
At the first sign
Of danger.

Delicate features
Worthy of infinite contemplation,
Ready to colour
At the slightest provocation.

I want to coax her
From the forest,
Show her
There is nothing to fear,
Yet; I know there is.

So, from a distance
I watch
The timid gentle creature,
All I can give her
Is freedom.

Emotional Poetry Contest
Honorable Mention
"Timid Eyes"

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