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by KLJ
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The start of a story about a game programmer who is a little too involved with his work..
    He woke up suddenly, early in the morning, looked around and everything seemed normal, yet something was different. Something didn't seem right. He couldn't put his finger on what it was.
  There seemed to be a scent  in the air, a tension that wasn't there when he went to sleep that evening. For some unknown reason, he didn't turn on his lights when he got up. He apporched the door, and the tension grew so thick he could cut it with a knife.
He opened the door, In the light from the night light in the long hall, he froze. AStanding not 10 feet down the hall from where he stood was  __________________

Sudenly the old grandfather clock from downstairs chimed. They both jumped a second at the first chime. He could feel the eyes looking through him,, Questioning him. Asking him_________________________________________________________________
He wasn't sure weather to fight right there or run the other way, through his room and out the window. Never mind the 2nd story drop.

    Suddenlly he opened his eyes and it was broad daylight and his wife shook hime awake.

    "Honey,  You were dreaming again."
He looked around, everything was as light was it should be.

He sat up and looked  down at himself, he was soaked in sweat,
  "You were shaking in your sleep. I thought you were having a attack of some kind."

  "No,No, Honey, just  one of those dreams again.." He kissed her good morning.
  "Thats what you get for playing those video game for 12 hours straight."
  "I'm sorry, but you know how addicting they are. and 'sides Cramer was my reveiw in this afternoon."
  "What are you going tell him?"
  "I don't know.. Probably won't until I get there."
      By this time he was in the shower and dressing for his meeting with the game designers and promotions people.
  "Could you tell them, its in the mail?" His wife asked.
  "No, still not yet." He replied.
  "Honey, can a game like Crash banacoot give you nightmares?"
  "I don't know, I don't know" He replied dejectlivity. picking up his briefcase with is games and notes, Kissing his wife good bye, he left for work.

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