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when men just have to count on each other
they sing bleak jailbird songs of stress-filled strife
can't never press her so tight no more
she done left me rot in hell with them men
behind prison bars hemmed in, what for?

         they took my freedom to love you like good
         walls answer shit, few felt how I should

my buddy he says he killed a guy cold
blooded like, his eyes are twinklin' mean
his arms are strong, they keep me pinned down tight
at night his sinful lust makes us scream

         the nighttime gets lonesome, your soft breath lost
         now whisky's death, I sure feel its cost

we play the game, sometimes his lips are sweet
men don't bother his star boy no more
he smiles when I pluck my guitar and sing
a tune of far'way love's broken door

         they took my freedom to hold you so dear
         someone's new, though he just wants me near

in this hateful place I've come to know peace
no questions asked, stow away my life
behind bars of lust, I'm mighty strong now
singin' sad songs 'bout losin' my wife

         daylight is lonesome, there's crosses on walls
         I'm countin' each dawn, till my time falls

I sing bleak jailbird songs of stress-filled strife
some day I'll press her so tight once more
she done left me rot in hell with this guy
prison bars done twist my heart, what for?

jailhouse blues
elaborate Toddaid form
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