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This is an alteration of a great scene from Sidney Lumet's "Network."
The following is taken from a monologue in Sidney Lumet's superb film, Network. The original monologue was written by Paddy Chayefsky and was delivered by Peter Finch as Howard Beale. If you have not seen Network then this may not make as much sense to you, although it is still relevant. I changed some of the wordings to make it applicable to the internet, rather than television, which is what the Network monologue refers.

So, you read this! Read this! The internet is not the truth! The internet is a damn wasteland! The internet’s a trash can, a dump, an electronic pile of google, youtube, myspace, pornos, hotmail, chat rooms, Yahoo!, movie trailers, and football scores. We’re in the boredom-killing business! So if you want the truth, go to God, go to your gurus, go to yourselves because that’s the only place you’re ever going to find any real truth! But, man, you’re never going to get any truth from us. We’ll tell you anything you want to hear. We lie like hell! We’ll tell you that wikipedia is always right, that you can find anything on ebay, and no matter how lonely you are, don’t worry, just go to a chat room and within an hour you’ll get laid. We’ll tell you any crap you want to hear! We deal in illusions, man! None of it is true! But you people surf the net day after day, night after night, all ages, colors, creeds. We’re all you know. You’re beginning to believe the illusions we’re spinning here. You’re beginning to think that the net is reality and that your own lives are unreal. You do whatever the net tells you. You dress like the net, you eat like the net, you raise your children like the net, you even think like the net. This is mass madness, you maniacs! You people are the real thing! We are the illusion! So turn off your monitors! Turn them off now! Turn them off right now! Turn them off and leave them off! Turn them off right in the middle of this sentence you’re reading now! Turn them off!
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