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by Samar
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Just some random thoughts and feelings
Find a place for me in your heart. Open your mind to the possiblity of change. Look within yourself for the courage and strength to overcome your fears. Breathe out the disturbances and take in the adventure. You will come across a day in which you'll have the ability to accept yourself for who you are. And when you do, you can't let it go. You have to hold on with all that you've ever had and all that you wish to obtain.

Pray. Pray to believe. Pray for the most important part of you that you can't seem to identify. Pray to gain all that you've lost. Work. Work to achieve. Work to build all that you've ever managed to destroy. Study. Study to learn. Study to understand the consequences of the different circumstances. Study to have the mind of a genius. And Sleep. Sleep to dream. Sleep to give your inner soul a chance to rise. Sleep to allow the voice within to speak.
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