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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Psychology · #1205609
Entry for "Flash Fiction" contest
The Birth of a Killer

“Hey, Dude, what you say… we cut class and run out to the gravel pit and see what’s kickin'?” Tim asked his friend Ron, as he muscled his way through Hollowmine High's crowded hallway.

“Let’s bounce,” Ron answered, followed with a belly laugh after Tim pushed a skinny freshman to the floor.

“Hey, four eyes,” Tim teased, “can’t you see where you’re going you little twerp?”

While keeping one eye on the two bullies swaggering down the hall, the frightened 9th grader retrieved his books from the scuffed tiled floor and hurried to class.

“Yo, guys, where you goin'?” Janet, the Goth Princess of Hollowmine High blurted, as she rolled a wad of gum in her cheeks.

Tim stepped in front of his friend, “Hey, girl…what’s up?” he asked.

“Nothin’, jest chillin’…like a villain.”

“We’re outta here and headin’ for the pit, wanna tag along?” Ron asked.

“Ain't nothin’ out there, but a bunch of dirty water,” Janet answered, with a scowl.

Tim kicked a locker door as the duo made their way to the back entrance. “Ain’t nobody askin’ you for yo’ two cents, Goth girl, you comin’ or not?”

Janet quickly asked, “You got anything?”

Tim grinned and said, “We might smoke a bowl or two.”

The three students jump into Tim's SUV, a birthday gift from his daddy.The engine roared, the radio blasted, and the tires squealed as the vehicle accelerated out of the asphalt parking lot.

Six blocks from the school a small brown and white puppy found a hole in his master’s fence. The little dog ran across the yard and into the street.

Both right tires on the black SUV, driven by Tim Rich, crushed the small animal’s body.

“Holy crap! What did you hit, Tim?” Janet screamed out.

“Just a fricken’ dog in the road,” He answered.

Tim didn’t think it was a big deal, but Ron and Janet were shocked when they looked through the rear window and saw the dog flopping, writhing in death throes.

“Deezam, Tim! That could have been some kid,” Ron whined.

“Well it was just a damn dog, get over it,” Tim snickered.

Hours later the three high school students sat on a huge rock, over-looking the deep water located in the middle of “Gray’s Gravel Pit”. They sat silent in the twilight, listening to crickets chirping and frogs croaking.

“Hey…what’s that movin’ in the shadows?” Ron asked, as he pointed a short distance away.

“It’s a kitten,” Janet answered, as she ran to its side and picked it up.

“I hate cats,” Tim growled.

“It’s so cute…I’m takin’ it home with me. What do you think, Ron?”

“Gimme the damn thing.” Tim demanded.

For the second time that day, Ron was shocked by his friend’s actions.

Tim tore the kitten from Janet’s grasp and bashed its head onto the rock they had been sitting on only moments ago.

Without a word spoken between them, Ron reached for Janet’s hand and they walked toward the road…going home. Going away.

“Hey, where you going you wussies…it was just a cat.”

Tim walked to the water’s edge, and looked down at the grinning reflection staring back at him.

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