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School Assignment Write an article on DECA (organization for marketing students).
  Hooray for hygiene. DECA students have and can continue to make hygiene kits for the remainder of the year. Students participating must include a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap or body wash, deodorant, hand sanitizer, shampoo, and lotion. All hygiene kits turned into the Massaponax marketing teachers will be given to needy families in Spotsylvania. Students who participated, and even students who only heard about the kits, are proud that Massaponax High School is participating and are glad to see help given where needed.

      “I think it’s a really good thing to be helping the community,” said freshman, Nadja Kasimi.

      DECA students who have donated kits are expressing generous attitudes and seem to be extending the holiday spirit for a worthy cause.

      “I feel awesome because I got to make it for someone else, not for myself.” said freshmen Asha Louis, “Too many people only think about themselves when there are others in need.”

      Some DECA students, not going over their budget, were still able to go over and above what the teachers asked of them.

      “I got it all from the Dollar Store so it cost me like $10, but I added extra things too, like a washcloth. How are they supposed to wash themselves without a washcloth?” said Louis, “I even put it all in a pretty blue bag, it was a pretty cool kit.”
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