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by Ani
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Shocking, crude, nasty.
This country has gone into the hands of destruction from the very beginning of the year. Not a single motivating event took place ever since we stepped into year 2007.
I am an Indian girl, with lots of expectations from my people, from the society I live with. But what is the use of expecting peace and harmony when people around you do not care what they do all day long? They do not give it a second thought before doing what they think they should.

      I am very well informed of  crimes that take place all over India. I also know that no country in this world is free of crime. I have no such feelings of utmost patriotism, or nationality or even excessive aggression towards any criminals. Criminals are never born, they are made, unfortunately by the very atmosphere that had ever turned their parents or forefathers criminals at some point of their lives.

    But do you think that a man who has everything in the world (a family consisting of his wife and two kids, money, property all over the states and last but not the least, having a tag of "famous industrialist" behind his name), has any rights to shatter the lives of innumerable people who have never harmed him in any way? What rights does he have to spoil the lives of around 30 young children who have done one wrong thing, that is to be born as children who are afraid to voice out their fear when they knew they were close enough to death? What did the result turn out to be? They lost their lives in a very brutal way, such that even their own parents could not identify them.

    All the Indians reading this know who am I talking about. They may as well tell their friends who don't know about this. The ones not belonging to this country may not know about him, I have no intentions to write down his name over here. You people will think then what is the use of reading about a person whose identity is not mentioned. I am doing this because he has already received loads of credits for his novel work by getting his deeds on television, newspapers of all states in the country and also etched into the minds of every Indian.

    This person has not only killed young children, but has also calmed down his sexual desires through them. Most of the kids, no doubt girls, were brought in his house, raped, and then killed. This was not the only fate of the corpses. After being killed, the bodies were handed over to his servant, who has confessed to be a cannibal and also that he has had intercourse with some of the corpses, ripped the bodies into pieces, seperated the bones from the flesh and put them in plastic bags. The bags were then thrown into the gutter running past his house. It was not long before the neighbouring area discovered a stench nearby. Police were called and to this day they are investigating every detail of the case. The master and the servant have been caught, and they reveal a darker, nastier truth with every day of gruelling torture.
The servant, after confessing that he was a cannibal, has even told that he will continue with his killings and rippings of any number of corpses offered to him.

  In my opinion the servant no doubt should be given life imprisonment after his confessions. But he is a minor, who had nothing to his life other than a job of a servant in a house. He was deprived of basic amenities, perhaps, and the environment could not provide him more than the sky above him and a land to walk on. Perhaps he used to stay in a slum before, or he had no place to live at all. Whatever I am writing here is not to reflect my soft corner for his poverty, but to make you readers compare that it is the minor on one side and his master on the other side who had everything he wanted from life. A minor like his servant may have become a criminal at some point of his life due to lack of fulfilled desires. But what did this person (I am talking of the master) lack in life? Just because he could not fulfil his sexual desires due to strained relations with his wife, would he pick up kids and use them to cool off his intentions?

  Every day their is some progress in this case, and I am sure that soon the law will put him behind bars, because I think giving him a death sentence will make it too easy for him to escape from this controversy. In fact he should be tortured everyday till he dies, crying out for mercy and help, when no one, not even God, will come to save him. All those who don't know him, I would say if you don't even manage to know his name, fine, let it be that way. Just remember whatever I told you about him. It should be enough for the fathers and mothers to make sure that their kids do not fall in wrong hands, it should be enough for the girls like me to understand the excruciating pain the victims had to go through before encountering death, and it should be enough for the guys to understand that it may even be their sister or best friend who's life may end in such a manner someday. Let this crime be an eye-opener to all those people who want their loved ones to evade such events in their life. Every girl has her own self respect and dignity. She can even fight for it given a chance. But when it happens to young girls who don't even know the gruesome deed they just faced, they hardly know what to fight back for. They get terrified of remembering the moments in those monstrous hands, let alone the though of voicing it out to their parents or relatives for help.

  I just want all of you, whoever has read this, to be aware of your surroundings and help protect your loved one—whether daughter, sister, girlfriend or just a friend or acquaintance—from the hands of these monsters who kill screaming souls mercilessly, not considering that their daughters, if they had any, could also be victims of such brutality.
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