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It's about marriage as an institution.
( This is a critique, of a traditional wedding, and is about society as a whole,it's not about individuals, it represents the majority not everyone.)


Marriage is an age old institution. Marriage exists in some form in almost every culture. However in our society marriage has lost it's significance and importance. The whole tradition of marriage has lost it's importance. The rituals that take place no longer have meaning and with the divorce rate at 50 percent "the words for life" turn into the next eight years. Eight years is the average life span of a marriage nowadays. Then there are the late in life divorces. When marriage started the average life span was forty so it was common for couples to stay together, however with people living twice as long it's not realistic for them to stay together forever.

Marriage in it's traditional form has a very sexist idealogy. The father owns the daughter and gives the daughter to the husband. The husband then owns her. To honor and obey. These no longer fit with societies view of women. Ironically it's every little girls dream to be the blushing bride. Marriage is about love, and rarely lasts a life time. We have pre-nups and divorces, and the ancient traditional wedding no longer means anything. The rituals have no meaning in our every day lives and have lost their significance. Most people don't know what they mean and they don't bother. Marriage should be a contract between their significant other for a number of years and if they don't want to be together or they do want to be together at the end of those years, they either renew or don't renew the contract. Forever is unlikely. Never say Never and never say forever
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