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This poem was written when my lost love returned to my life 15 years later.
I close my eyes and hear the echoes
Thundering hooves distant racing
His screams serenade the golden moon
As the darkened hills hide his flight

Nearer and faster stronger and louder
Hooves flying streamers of flaxen beauty
The earth trembles 'neath his mighty strides
Chasing the memories of my youthful abandon

He rears before me in the darkened night
Hooves flashing like lightning strikes
Head tossed high he snorts part fear part lust
Nostrils flared greedily gulping my scent

His flanks heave heavily with passion unfurled
Tremors pulsate through every sinewy muscle
The salty foam of unbridled desire
Glistens over his satiny coat

His knowing eyes pierce my armor
With flames of passion pure
Tis my heart he sees wearing his colors
His name "Love" branded on my soul
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