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by TaiSan
Rated: 13+ · Essay · Crime/Gangster · #1207615
An Essay based on "If We Were 2 have a Hostile Takeover" ---
How can a hostile takeover of the entire universe change our lives? An unruly gang gets ahold of an adult disappearin virius, and thus only children and teenagers are left.

All the children n teenagers are left alone to cope in the world. Now its not safe, Day or night. Power N Chaos overreignin the nation, no rules on the street, parties everywhere, people gettin killed, places bein robbed.

Where are our morals n how we were raised? They've changed because they were left alone. Young children leanin on you for support, cryin n askin whats goin on. Growin up 2 fast in order 2 survive.

Now you are startin to realize that you're goin 2 be pushed down. Only to get back up, the strength almost leavin you. The Hope, The Want, The need To Feel Like You belong.

Bombs goin off, Guns Bein Fired, Knives N SwordZ Bein Clashed upon. The Lootin, The Killin, The Crimes Bein committed throughout the entire world. The Wars, The Screamin N Hollerin, Echoin throughout our neighborhoods. Graffiti bein used to tag your own and other's turfs/

Gangs floodin the nation with Blood Feuds. Tears from our eyes showin our Fears. Gang members Teamin wit Anger, Makin us all Fall Into Danger. The Profanity bein spitted from their mouths, soundin like they're on the brink of Insanity.

Protectors N Destructors, gainin control over their people. They blame All Of those around them. Showin their Emotions, Knowin How 2 Get their Expectations.

Fires bein started, Ammo bein used up. Where are we goin 2 Hide? Theres nowhere to run! Gaspin Loudly for Breath, as if it would take ya to ur DeaTH!

Flames emittin from your eyes. The Anger n Fear you see in them so Clear, Like You're Inflamed. You Shout out in Shame, Afraid For Your Life. The Heat Rushin to your face. Feelin So Beat, You Hasten To Retreat.

Hold me Close To Your HEART! I will now Depart From This World 43va!!! Hostile Takeover eQuaLZ DeatH!!!!
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1207615-Hostile-Takeover