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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Fantasy · #1209650
Another Lordi Story
Chapter 2
The Cabin

The drive had been long. Across Paraduc Mountian and onto the interstate for six hours before turning down a forgotten road into the forest. Everyone was tired but all were excited. Sarah, Alex, and Kim had rented a cabin in the woods for the weekend. Nothing much, just a little place to get away from school after finals. Sarah and Alex had been dating since the eleventh grade. They were positive that they were going to be married after college.
Alex's old beat up station wagon bounced down the tree lined road. It had been such a miracle to get the thing started in the first place that he was surprised that it had made it this far. As the car entered a small clearing, the cabin came into view. it was a ramshackle old thing, leaning slightly to one side. it looked like something you would expect to find in a movie about bootleggers.
Alex parked the car close to the cabin and they all got out. Kim took a look around while she stretched her legs.
"Damn! how much did you say you rented this place for Alex?" she asked jokingly.
"150 for the weekend," he replied. He went round the back of the car and got his and Sarah's things then walked up to the door. out of his pocket he withdrew an ancient skeleton key and unlocked the door.
The cabin was indeed ancient. one could see the original mud used to fill between the logs. off to the left there was a deer head on the wall and next to it was an old cuckoo clock ticking away happily. they set their new cots up in the bed rooms and settled down in the living room.
Thank God the place had running water and electricity. they sat trying to get a football game or something on the tv for a few hours and took a nap. when they woke up it was dark outside. Alex had brought his camcorder and was going to film everything that went on this weekend. he walked over to his bag and pulled the camcorder out.
He began filming Sarah then moving over to Kim. by now they were up and standing around inspecting the place they would call home for two days. As they moved so did his camcorder. eventually they made their way around the room and stood in front of a closet. Had that closet been there before? Alex couldnt remember. as he stood filming the closet creaked open. the girls turned and lokked. inside there was a grimey old carboard box. Alex handed the camera to Sarah and went to get the box.
he sat it on the table and opened it. there was some drawings, a doll and a tape recorder. they plugged the recorder in and hit play. the air was filled with an unearthly scream and then the sound of wailing guitars. Alex taped the girls holding the drawings up. as he filmed something passed in front of the camera. he looked but saw nothing and pulled the camera back to his eye.
All at once something came into view. it was like a zombie only it moved with a human fluidity. it wrapped its hand around his throat and lifted him off the gound. the girls saw none of this save Alex being lifted into the air by some unseen force. at the second that Alex was thrown to the ground dead, another force dragged Kim towards the closet. in the camera it looked like a mummy but again it moved with human speed.
the creatures pulled Kim into the closet and she pounded away on the inside. Sarah looked inside but shut the door just as quickly. as she turned she faced the entities killing her friends. The zombie and mummyman were there but there was also a great breast with a gaping maw snapping open and shut. and there was also what appeared to be a woman with blonde hair standing there. but dominating them all was a seven foot tall demon man with skin that looked burnt and two pairs of horns on his face.
The demon man was wearing some kind of armor and had two great black wings on his back. he reached for her and she fell back into a chair. with a flick of his fingers she was tied to the chair with heavy chains. he came in close to her face she still screaming in terror.
"Scream all you want...you won't wake up from this dream," he said in a gutteral voice. she stopped.
the demon man spoke again," Once again there is pain." a portal opened. Sarah looked over and realized that the tape was still playing. she squirmed and got her foot around the cord pulling it free of the wall. when she opened her eyes. the unholy cadre was gone, Alex and Kim with them. she rose from the chair and walked around. then her world went black as the demon man grabbed hold of her dragging her downward.
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