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This poem is about the challenge of giving advice to young people.
How do I confront the seduction of a summer afternoon
With a moonless measured walk along a measured path
When the only sound is the brush of my own legs against the fragrant thistles

I throw flowers into a stream
And the water rushes by faster than I can see
I muster my best smile
Please listen, I whisper
But day returns as a bee fluttering in Spring's entourage of glory

How do I subdue the wind with the silence of a mountaintop
And bruises from the thorns of well-ripened fruit eaten in rags and riches
I blow a flute echoed in time

And the seeds of a midday sun rise
They grow or they wilt
They grow or they die
And I watch with God from the stars
And I see much, and know more
And shine and pray and love
And live in hope
Knowing all harvests come before Winter's song
All battles are won in the end
If someone learns enough
To listen
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