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We all sing a song. Is it a song of hope?
You hear it every day at our hospital, the little lullaby that they play after every birth.  Having recently had a Grandson at the hospital, you quickly remember how simple an individual shows up at the birth.  Does that lullaby represent that simple being that eats sleeps and well you know.  I think that song represents a hope that goes well beyond that little life.  It starts before life, lasts a life-time, lasting perhaps to eternity.  It’s based on what we learn, and our relationship with the God of Heaven himself.  Luckily, he has a sense of humor when it comes to new creations.

We all hear that song pretty much every day as healthcare providers.  Do you ever wonder about our personal hope or are we so busy doing that we forget who we are?  We are God’s song in the universe.  We are a hope that should go beyond circumstances and the beauty that goes beyond ourselves. This is what we have to offer our patients, our co-workers and indeed all around us.

Some have stopped listening to the music of their souls.  It doesn’t mean that the music isn’t there.  Some try to separate the secular from the spiritual world, but that was never meant to be the case.  If your song is going to be heard you have to want to hear it yourself, and the place where it will be likely be heard will most likely be at work.

When you hear Brahms lullaby at a birth, remember hope.  It seems like it’s just a small thing.  But like a baby, it grows and keeps getting bigger until it becomes enormous with massive implications.  We just have to hear our songs and see them for what they really are.
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