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I embark in taking the late shift for the first time...and it won't be my last!...
Well, I agreed to work the late late shift tonight for the first time at the campus computer lab, not knowing whom I'd end up with. When I arrived at the lab for work, I found Jeff there, talking with Jenny, another co-worker, who was leaving for the night. My heart began to jump! It was almost like I'd won the lottery! I would always catch Jeff when I was leaving the late-afternoon shift and he’d be just coming in. He’d always smile at me and I’d smile back, enjoying what could’ve been a little flirtation. But today, Jeff was looking extra sexy in a blue-striped long-sleeved polo and khaki pants. As I approached the scene, he gave me his usual dorky, yet sexy smile. The glasses were an added touch, making my mouth water. Quite surprised at this adverse effect, I clocked in and went to my station. He shortly joined me.

"How are you tonight?"
"Excited for the late shift. I've never done this shift before."
"It's the same as any other shift, just slower. But you never know what could happen..."
"True." I said looking at him. He smiled at me. Oh yeah, did I mention that he has a girlfriend? UGH! Makes me very sad. I didn't get to him first! But anyway, the first hour went by quick, and then it looked desolate. I needed something to keep me awake. I got up and began to check the 100-plus computers for trash and etcetera, noticing that he was doing the same and catching looks with me. I even felt him brush past me in one of the aisle ways, giving me that grin when I looked back at him. I then headed back to my front desk station where he was checking things around. I began having thoughts, of the bad kind, of what I wanted to do right now with Jeff. He noticed that I was kind of staring into space.

"You know, you are allowed to go grab a coffee or something." He said, standing on the opposite side of the desk and staring right into my eyes.

"OH, right.” I said, averting my eyes down. I got up out of my chair and stepped to the side. “Well in that case, I'll be right back!"

"Ok." he replied. I walked in the back room, taking a relieving breath, and fixed myself something. I kept having these thoughts, and it wasn't helping me at all! I looked down and my nipples were hard and making the perfect friction against my blouse. I put the cup down, rubbing them and moaning, wishing they were his hands. It just made things worse for my situation...but in the best way possible! I turn away from the table to see him perched up against the doorway with his sexy smile once more. I took another sip.

"You feeling better now?"
"Yeah, just a bit." I said, thinking that the hot drink I was having wasn’t as hot as he was looking right now. But he pursued, closing the door and turning the lock.

"Good." he replied, walking closer. He took the cup from my hand and set it aside, pushing me to sit on the table and then kissing me hard. I was simply taken aback. I didn’t want to do something that would mess things up for him and his girlfriend, but the temptation not to care was certainly there. I broke the kiss, trying to speak.

“But…Jeff…” I tried to say before he shushed my lips with a few kisses. Damn, his lips were so sweet!

“Don’t speak. Just…feel…” he continued on, kissing my neck. I threw my head back and ran my fingers through his soft hair, gasping from what he was doing to me. I looked down to see him unbuttoning my shirt, kissing every inch exposed of my chest. I moaned when he unclasped the center of my bra and went straight for my nipples. The feel of his mouth on one of my most sensitive areas was fulfilling! He lightly tugged at them between his teeth and I let out a little giggle and moan. My panties were soaked, and that wasn’t going to be good since I was still going to be at work. He continued his journey to making me feel real good by reaching under my skirt and actually pulling my panties down. After those were off, he rubbed my clit with a light fingertip. I let out a gentle moan, wanting him not to tease, but liking everything that I was receiving. “You like that?”

“Oh God yes…” I said, releasing another octave in my voice as he plunged a finger inside my tightness.

“You want more? Beg me.” He said, halting his movement.

“Oh, please, I need more! Give it to me now!”
“Louder.” He said. I was a bit afraid to scream, so I tried my normal voice this time.

“Fuck…please, I need you! Oh shit!” I said. He looked at me with almost an evil grin. He then put in another finger and fucked me fast with them, kissing around my neck again. My legs were tightening around him, almost getting that release that I needed. When I felt him withdraw his fingers, I brought my head up, our lips catching one another’s passionately, hearing a zipper and a belt buckle unloosen. His hard cock came out of his boxers, and I licked my lips. He grazed his cock against my clit, looking into my eyes.

“Wanna get fucked nice and hard, huh?”
“Ohh…yes…” I gasped, my eyelids hooded in pure lust.

“Yes who?” he whispered deeply in my ear and the sensations down below drove me crazier. I rolled my eyes back into my head and curled my toes.

“Yes Jeff, I wanna get fucked nice and hard…take me now!”
“That’s better.” He replied. He pulled me close to the edge of the table, comfortably bracing my back against the wall and my legs wrapped securely around him as he plunged in deep, making me moan gently. He pushed harder, rocking the table only slightly, finding my lips in the entanglement of moans and gasps. He went deeper and faster, bringing me even closer to bliss. He started slowing down, kissing up my jaw line…oh, his teasing hurt so good…

“What’s my name?”
“Damn right.” He said, pumping the shit out of me. I ran my fingers under his shirt to feel his lean abs and chest. I was just about to reach climax, and he could tell.

“Come for me, come so fucking hard you can’t take it!” he said, thrusting hard right into that spot. And here it came…

“Ohh!” I almost screamed as my pussy clenched around him, thrashing my head about like I was electrocuted. He pulled out and started stroking, coming on my slit. I moaned, feeling the new warmth on my pussy. Too bad we weren’t in a more intimate setting; I wanted to swallow every drop. Instead, I was stuck wiping up and having to go back to work. I slid my panties back up and buttoned my shirt, giving him this look as I watched him pull his pants back up. I then walked to the door, unlocking it and heading back to my station. Nobody had been in, on account I counted, and I then decided to walk around the room to see one person in the middle of the lab, still on the Mac and half-asleep. Heading back to my station, Jeff was coming back out.

“Everything still normal in here?”
“Sure is.”
“Good.” He replied as I sat down at the desk. His hand touched my thigh. “Got anything to do tomorrow morning?”

“Nope. What’s up?”
“Come to my apartment tonight.” He said. Mmm, I’m all for it!

“Sure.” I said. He gave me a sexy smile and we continued sitting there until work ended…
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