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Some people call this acceptable behaviour but these words should break your heart.
Out in the middle of the street
Outside the old school yard
A warm hand playing in a car
Sees the wandering child
Sauntering home
Satchel swinging around her neck
She has the key in her pocket
Could get in
Switch on the box
No need to hurry
Mummy home by six
Daddy too
Working very hard

Warm Hand
Sees the boredom
No one to speak to
Only nine years old
Would soon be ten
Warm hand watching
Tongue licking lip
She'll taste good
To a mind undone

She walks
To the one she knows the best

Warm hand
Coaxes her to his car
Getting to know her
The warm hands
Wanting her innocence
To heat a stone cold heart

Heart grows colder still
Removing the final breath
Pain screaming to get out
Where are you Mummy?
He's hurting me Daddy

They won't even know
For three
Ten more days
Their bodies shaking
With the heat
From their stone cold hearts

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