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by Zoie
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Sleepless and thoughtful..
i'm a sleepless soul here
thinking of you
why can't i dispose of
the thoughts for the night
i just want some sleep and
some peace in my life.
somwhere inside of me
is a will to go on
but right now i can't find that
so i have to keep holding on real strong.
To the hope that i once thought
i had but now lost.
it'll come back some day
but for now that line is crossed.
i pray for the streangth to carry through
the plans for my life even when i feel shrude.
i just want it to end and be over for good
but what kind of example
would i show to common good.
that life means nothing and we should throw it away?
if that was the truth i don't know what to say.
all i know now is i need to find sleep.
and i don't know how but i'll make myself keep
the promise i made to my father above.
to show the true path to finding true love.
i found what i wanted now it's your turn too.
ask God to help and you'll make it through.
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