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Exoplanets are amazed when they see a small blue dot in their Scopes, Can they see it all?
A pastel blue veil drapes down
from the light in the sky
hiding deep black space from the eye
touching down on the greenery
covering low black fenland

With a sigh I dream of a billion stars
lost in it's hue
when the clear black night
sweeps away the thick blue veil
and folds it around just one setting sun
here is the beauty of the night

A hundred billion floating globes strain their sight
in the pin pricked glorious night
pondering too the one who made them
just like you and I
in awe of a nocturnally awakened sky

The shrouds of day, steal
night-time beauty from the eye
when the night comes cloudless
the veil is drawn to the jet black star struck
ebony light of the night
revealing numberless stars flung to eternity

With my one good eye
I see the twinkling light of the night
from a million light years past
drawing me back from the brink of the future

I fly with that one good eye and see
one by one over timeless time
the birth of myriad suns
living their finite lives
just like you and I
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