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about Steven Seagal
Spiritualist Eco warrior Actor Guitarist Aikido 7th Dan Liar?
By Christine Robins

         Will the real Steven Seagal please stand up! It’s all in the name! Who is the real man? Does even he know the truth? Some of the lines seem to have been a blurred over the years, by him saying some things, his mother saying others and anyone who’s anyone putting their 2 cent in too. Who knows?
         Fact: He is an actor of Jewish and Catholic Irish descent. Though he adds Italian in as well. He was born in Michigan and then moved to California. He lived in Japan married there, forgot to get a divorce before marrying his second wife in L.A. He became a 7th Dan in Aikido and was the first westerner to teach it in Japan.
         He went back to The United States taught Aikido and through that, met some people who helped him become one of the biggest names in action movies. He married again to beautiful actress Kelly LeBrock and altogether had 6 children with 3 different mothers. He has also been the guardian  of a Tibetan child.
         Throughout all this he had always played the guitar, found Buddhism, became an eco warrior and a vegetarian whilst helping several animal charities. He became known as an activist and was awarded the PETA Humanitarian Award in 1999. (People for the ethical treatment of animals) In more recent years Mr Seagal has concentrated on his Buddhism, charity work and his music. Since 2005 he has released 2 albums with his band Thunderbox. The first “Songs from the Crystal Cave” and more recently “Mojo Priest.” He has always loved music and is an excellent guitarist. He has adopted several dogs and cats and has released an energy drink called “Steven Seagals’ Lightening Bolt”
         This much we know to be true but its all the other bits and pieces that no one can be sure about.

         Fiction? There are rumours of involvement with the Japanese Mafia and the New York Mafia. His business partner for many years was actually connected to the “Gambino Family” and tried to sue Seagal for a very large amount of money that he said he was owed, But instead he got himself charged with “Conspiracy to Commit Extortion and Extortion of an Individual in the Entertainment Business”. The story was that the mafia was behind this as Seagal had refused to make any more of the big block buster action packed movies that they so liked and wanted to make money off.          Steven has been accused of sexual harassment and not being able to act. He has had many stories told of him and his ego, most of them about his skill  in the defensive art of Aikido which is considerable but apparently not infallible! He has also spread stories himself about his involvement with the CIA. Apparently he has helped them as an advisor on several occasions. He has been quoted as saying he is an expert marksman, a superb rider, an authority on antique Samurai swords and can speak four languages.

         Who do we believe and does it even matter? Steven Seagal is an icon! He changes his life like a chameleon changes its colour! It may even be for the same reasons as the chameleon, which protects itself by blending in to the back ground. Now that is one thing no one can ever accuse Seagal of doing. But it could be his way of changing with the times and reinventing himself as his tastes and feelings change, to protect himself from us the public and maybe even himself.
         Who cares what the truth is? He is and always be our best loved Martial art loving musician with the heart of a warrior helping the world, the animals and the people in it. Who cares how he got there and what he and others said. All that matters is that he keep doing what he does best and that is being Steven Seagal! 
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