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An image of the Sacred Angel Gabriel
Plunge into the bowel and through heavens I pass
I fly over the sky having balls in a mass

under my wings are countless star planet and moons
of all Earth is superior even eves and afternoons

to carry on the orders that are given by God
I appear before man and then disappear abroad

my age is very long deeds white like a cream
who gets curved in day or two is in a high esteem

not meet with alive and sleeping dead of creation
upto the day of judgement of this human nation

God is Great, tolerates Satan and his badmashes
otherwise am eager to turn their fire to ashes

without memory of Creator with knowledge I have seen
among men are honourly obedient and keen

man is prior in knowledge and pray to the Almighty
though am very loyal with no she to disturb piety.
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