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by Tails
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Literally that; finding dreams
I'm left in doubt
I'm surrounded by fear
I want to find out
which words did you hear?

And how do you know?
That it's for the best?
For I feel right now,
It's just like the rest.

I will say I miss you
However long it's been,
I've stopped counting the days
I forgot where it ends.

But I want you to know
That I wrote you this song
But you'll never know
You'll never sing along

Have I wasted my heart?
Cause It's stopped beating.
It's been torn apart
and I am left dreaming.

But when dreams feel real,
yet trifled by fear.
Her heartbeat he'll feel,
He's starting to tear

Could I kiss you on the hand?
Or hold you as we sleep?
Lose myself in this moment,
and find out what it means
to Kiss you on the cheek,
but with you in my dreams
To see you every morning
and find out what it means

And our smiles won't last
And our memories rust,
And wha'ts left in the past
Is still holding to trust.

And I cannot go on
It doesn't feel real
I am losing my breath
Her heartbeat I feel

The stars are so bright
They're shared by your eyes
And the wind is so calm
As I stand by your side

To make her a world
Just to be with her again
Finding feelings too blurred
Could this be the end?

But Could I kiss you on the hand,
or hold you as we sleep
lose myself in this moment
and find out what it means
to kiss you on the cheek
be with you in my dreams
to see you every morning
and find out what it means
To Dream...

To Dream...

And I can't find the words to say,
how beautiful you look today...
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