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Rated: 13+ · Outline · Drama · #1213518
A story idea based off of a dream I had- a mix between Romeo and Juliet and Titanic.
This is basically an idea for a story plot I dreamed about a couple weeks back.

My main character, Alex (Alexandria) Ingersoll is from New York City. Her mother Janet is a hair dresser and they aren't very rich. They live in a small apartment. Alex is reading about the sinking of the ill-fated passenger liner-- (unnamed currently) which sank in 1908 after a war torpedo struck it going from Scotland to New York. Her great-great grandmother, a child movie star named Mary Margaret Pryce perished in the sinking, along with millionaire William James Brown and 254 other passengers. Only 12 survived the bombing and sinking, out of the 268 passengers aboard. According to the charts, the liner would have missed the torpedo if it were angled 13 degrees to the right of its location when it was hit.

After putting down the ideas and throwing aside carelessly the assignment her teacher gave to her-- write a journal about what it was like to be on the ship when it sank, Alex gets the opportunity to magically be transpoted into the past to try and redo history and save Mary Margaret. There she meets a handsome young man with brown hair and blue eyes and they become friends, and eventually fall in love, resulting in a steamy romance--he's her sould mate. (Haven't come up with his name yet) He finds Alex interesting, since she is not the image a lady should be in that era (think Rose in Titanic). Alex dresses in strappy tank tops and plaid mini skirts, has dyed black hair- very punk rock. She has a nose stud (very unlady-like) and a belly ring, and a tattoo of a rose on her stomach. She has a stopwatch/wristwach on her left wrist, plaid canvas shoes, sunglasses, a digital camera, & mechanical pencils with her on this ship (fascinating inventions to the guy).

He helps Alex save the ship from being destroyed and Alex thinks her task is complete and goes back to 2007, but her family is still poor, and she is now living with her dad, who died from cancer 14 years prior, when Alex was 3. She checks family records at the library and finds that by changing the past and allowing everyone on the ship to arrive in New York safely, she had set in motion a string of murders, including Mary Margaret's, William James Brown's, and other members of her family and important figures in history (murdered for their money). History books have been changed since the murderer was on board the ship that Alex saved.

Now Alex has to try and figure out who the murderer was by going back to the past and putting him/her in jail and fixing time.

She eventually finds out that you can't change fate, and history happens for a reason. She is torn that her boyfriend had to die, but end up with his great-great grandson, who looks exactly like him. (He was a lone traveler, his family stayed in Scotland) In her pocket she finds a letter from her 1908 boyfriend that he wrote her saying that he will always be with her in her heart no matter what.
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