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a little bit of dark... a little bit of humour...
forgot to ask you to reset the clock.  it's burning bright branding my blue eyes with your lie.
underneath the covers we are incomplete. i'm unsure of why, but i'll follow you everywhere.  i'll die.
catch me, you'll try, after i jump.  you'll leave fingertip bruise paths across my upper arms. don't cry.
kindness was a collectable.  we played catch with phrases for accidental fun.  if you notice, try.

yesterday i curled up in a ball in despair.  you couldn't grasp the pain of my sad train.  neither do i.
offing one's self is an interesting threat.  i might miss you even if i join the trip.  why buy a why?
understanding means i'll have to seach for a purpose.  when you eat against the grain, i don't mind.

this piece of me recieves your soft touch.  it's a bad plaid pattern of a repetitive play.  is this life?
our rawness excites our non-existant phantom audience.  we're violently sick and so am i?
only when you let me bleed out into a fitful sleep and walked away swiftly, did you finally see.

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