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by broc
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Just try'n to come to terms with an issue I struggle with from time to time.
My dad died when I was six years old
That's who I am, that's part of my mold
The night we got the news, I could not sleep
I was looking out my window, when up pulled a jeep
I saw two men in uniform and I jumped to the floor
I ran through the house yell'n, daddy's home and opened the front door
The two men standing had unfamiliar faces, unfamiliar eyes
They didn't have to say a word, I knew my dad had died
In that split second, my whole world shattered
All my little hopes and dreams instantly scattered
They asked if my mom was home, by then she was there
I was screaming like crazy, trying to pull out my hair
Is that the day that made me who I am?
Or is that the day, my life became a sham?
I can only remember being with him twice
Memories I'm fond of, they were very nice
One he let me drive, he worked the pedals
Now he's in my bookcase, represented by a flag and a box of medals
The other he had a beer and was throwing darts
Did my life die that day too? If not, I sure hope it starts
It seems everything I do, turns to shit
Why is it so hard? Why do I wanna quit?
Has dad become my scapecoat? Someone to blame?
If that's truly the answer, Man, I'm pretty lame!
My heart left me way back then on that somber day
As soon as I feel it's back, Poof! it goes away.
All I love and cherish, never seems to last
As soon has I feel I have it, it becomes the past.
Love and enjoy your Dad

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