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by broc
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Having to stop what you love more than life, because your heart knows it's not right!
Got To Let Go To Hold On

Got to let go to hold on
But don't know how
You don't learn it on the street, it's not taught in school
You know you've done the right thing, but still feel like a fool
The best you've ever known, walks into your life
Come to find out, she's somebody's wife
By the time you find out, it's too late
Every fiber of your being says, She's my fate
You open your heart to her, open that vault
Exposing every weakness, exposing every fault
You share your dark secrets, bring them in the light
She listens and still loves you, Man, she's outta sight!
Your days are spent think'n, how can we make this work
How can we have this love, and not feel like a jerk?
Never had an affair, No, not never
But was the victim of one, and my marriage I severed
Now I've become, the guy I've always despised
And if this love is to really really work, I've realized
We got to let go to hold on, let time take it's course
If she becomes single, We'll be able to make it, love will be the force
If she doesn't, I know what love can be, even though it was not my own
I'll keep her in my heart, and will never be alone
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