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The Pope and Mussolini.
Why I love to study Papal history...+

...Under the Fascist regime in 1922, "The Roman Question" of the Popes'
sovereignty was settled. The powers Mussolini possesed as dictator
gave him an opportunity to act independent of the Italian parliament. On
February 11, 1929 the Treaty of Lateran was signed by Cardinal Gasparri
and Mussolini. The Treaty established the independence of the Papacy and
statehood in the Vatican separate from Italy. It gave the Cardinals diplomatic
status as envoys of the Vatican. The treaty ends with the Popes recognition
of the "dynasty of Savoy"....kings of Italy(Mussolini).
...The concordat established catholic catechism indoctrination in primary
and secondary schools of Italy. It granted an idemnity to the Vatican of
$37,500,000 and $50,000,000 from the lost of territory accepted by the
"Law of Guarantees" inacted by the Italian parliament on May 13, 1871.
Pope Pius the X declared,
"We show no cupidity in earthly sovereignty, but demand of
this strip of territory a means for the excersise of His Spiritual

Peace Be With You
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