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by Kenzie
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Reaching out to the world shows that you love - yourself, me, and everyone.
Acts of Love
by Marilyn Mackenzie

Show me real love.
Don't bring me flowers;
Instead, take daisies
To a shut-in.
Make someone else smile,
And so will I.

Show me real love.
Don't take me to dinner;
Instead, serve a meal
At a soup kitchen.
Give to the world,
And you'll give to me.

Show me real love.
Don't bring me candy;
Offer sweetness to those
Who are easily ignored.
Give of yourself;
What remains will be mine.

Sometimes is comes as a surprise that we've copied or mimiced ideas of our parents. My mother always hated Mother's Day. She felt that if we could not love her all year long, that she really was not interested in flowers or cards on one day of the year. She must have felt the same way about Valentine's Day, although I don't remember her being as vocal about that day.

I've embraced her idea about Mother's Day. And I have recently discovered that I really don't like the idea of Valentine's Day either. If one cannot show love the whole year through, what makes us think that showing love on one day is enough.

Mom always thought these days were most beneficial to the card companies and florists. The older I get, the more I find that I agree.

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