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by Kenzie
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She had such a simple faith. If we followed her idea, our churches might not be suffering.
Time, Talent, Treasure
by Marilyn Mackenzie

Stewardship may be of time, treasures and talents. Everyone has some of each - some have more, some less. But each has the responsibility to share some of his time, treasures and talents.

My grandmother explained it this way. She believed that each of us must give ten percent of our time, our treasures and our talents to God. She believed that if we were awake for sixteen hours a day, then 1.6 hours belonged to God. She explained to me that one day we might study and pray for only 15 minutes and that would be okay. But, by the end of the week, we would be awake 112 hours, and 11.2 hours of that belonged to the Lord!

She also believed that if one had a good singing voice, he or she should join the choir. If a person had the gift for teaching, he or she should teach Sunday school or Bible study.

And, of course, she believed that no matter how much or how little we earned that each of us should put the first ten percent aside for God's work.

What a simple plan and a simple faith my grandmother had. Yet, if we followed that plan, our churches today might not be suffering for lack of time and tithe.
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