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This is a story of a strong independent women who forgot what life was until now.
    Being alone for many years, Shelley realized that time was passing her by.~0~  She had worked hard for her son and herself to make ends meet.~1~  One day at work a friend approached her and asked, "why is it that I never hear of you going out on dates or even mention a man's name.?~2~ Shelley had worked as a Hotel Manager for sixteen years which kept her business enough while raising her son Jacob, who now is eighteen and headed off to California State College.~3~ 
  Shelley's friend Rose took her by surprise, and Shelley's reply was "I have no man in my life, actually I haven't had time to even think or feel the need to be involved.~4~  My life has been raising Jacob and Managing this Hotel to insure that Jacob made it to California State College and I feel I had successfully succeeded.~5~  Shelley then asked Rose "Why would you even ask me about my personal life, is it that everyone thinks something is different about me and you know what I mean Rose"?~6~ No, replied Rose, "but I was wondering since Jacob is leaving this Friday for College I thought maybe you would like to meet a really nice gentleman, who by the way is a good friend and colleague of my husband's.~7~  So how about it Shelley would you join us for dinner and drinks?~8~  Shelley's amazement to Rose's invitation threw her into a whirl of thought.~9~  Rose stood there waiting for an answer, which seem like forever when Shelley finally answered in low tone of voice " I will think about it and give you an answer Wednesday.~10~  "that is wonderful" replied Rose. 
  On Shelley's ride home after working ten hours got caught at a red light in which she began to think about just how long it had been since she last had a date and not just a luncheon for work.  She realized that it had been years to her amazement, but reality hit and she flashed back to her last relationship, which ended badly.  She recalled the many times she had to call the police because he would constantly call, harass, and even go as far as follow her where ever she would go.  She had such a battle in court over that relationship she had sworn to herself there would never be another to interrupt her or her son's life's path. 
    A thundering sound of horns brought Shelley back to reality and she realized that she had probably sat thorough several green lights and was most positive that she had angered many people. She continues home still with the thought of, do I go or do I say no.
It was a normal Monday night for Shelley, she comes home, fixed herself a cup of hot cocoa and relaxed in a warm bath of lavender.  Jacob was probably in bed she assumed, seeing that his door was slightly opened as usual, so he could here his mom coming home from work, when actually Jacob himself was awake waiting her arrival.  Shelley asked, "Jacob why are you still up so late"? he replied, " I was wondering if we could sit down and talk about me leaving on Friday Mom, I have a lot of things that I have been tossing around in my head today and I need answers from you before I leave."  Shelley seemed stunned that Jacob was worried about something, "sure Jacob we can sit and discuss your salad honey," cute Mom," Jacob replied with a laughter Shelley had not heard in a long time.
"So Mom, what are your plans once I leave"? I mean, do you plan on selling the house and moving into something smaller once I'am gone, are you going to slow down with your ten hour days at work, are you going to be lonely without me? "STOP THERE JACOB" Shelley yelled out.  "First of all, no I am not selling this house, secondly I intend to keep my hours steadily for a while longer and lastly, I am going to miss you more than you will ever know. Lonely without you, why sure kiddo but you know me, all work and know play.  "Exactly Mom, that is what I am saying to you, I don't won't you to be all work and know play please go enjoy yourself and find life it is out there for you"! Jacob yelled back. As they sit together at the kitchen table laughing at one another Jacob looks at his Mom and tells her, "Mom, you are the most outstanding individual I have ever known, you have been my strength all my eighteen years, you are the person who has made me who I am today and I thank you for that and everything you put aside just for me.  I know you worked all these years and long hours so I could someday go to college and become something. Someday I will find the right thing to do to repay your kindness, I love you Mom and I am going to miss you.  Shelley sat there with tears rolling down her face and said to Jacob. "It was my job as your Mother to see to it that you are where you are today, and I am proud of you.  You worked just as hard as me by keeping your grades up and staying on the right side of the tracks. I am so grateful that God blessed me with a son of such tenderness, understanding and the love for life.  "Jacob" Shelley fighting her tears,  "you will succeed that is just who you are."  They both sat there crying, but laughing at the same time, mainly because these words had never be spoken until now.
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