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Rated: 18+ · Serial · Mystery · #1216855
Stranger things happen as Tony finds himself in front of a serial killer
"What the fuck...?"- a voice asked. Tony turned around. In front of his eyes, a policeman was at the sell door, with amazement and fear written all over his face. He hectically pointed his gun at Tony.
"What was that guy doing?", "Oh, let's see: You're covered in blood, with hands, raised to the ceiling.- said an inner voice in his head. " Nothing abnormal about it. None what so ever. "- the voice continued.
"F-f-f-freeze, o-o-or I'll sh-shoot."- the cop looked like a rookie at his first day. Apparently he had never been in such a situation. Who had? Tony raised his hands. The policeman approached him slowly and with awkward caution. "O-on the ground. Now !"- he shouted.

Tony could not believe that everything was going to end like this. He was going to be blamed for everything, trailed and send to some nuthouse for his entire life, with a cellmate named Jimmy, who would always brag about who and how he had killed. Breaks your heart! But he could not do a thing. The cop was spooked. He could shoot him, even for blinking. The policeman's eyes were feverishly looking at him. Analyzing every of his moves. His entire psyche was quickly cracking. Panic was taking more and more control, his teeth were already chattering.

Tony did not want to spook him any more. Better try and run for it when the pressure cools down. He was not any farther from the total loss of his mind, too. His nerves were wrecking, he felt tired, like he had not sleep for days, and he wanted to barf on the floor from the incredible stench.

Then suddenly, a hand caught the policeman's head and pulled it backwards. Then another with a knife went through his throat, from one ear to the other. the policeman fell on the ground, grabbing his throat. In front of Tony now stood a young man. A white hair, serious , stone face, dark blue eyes and a reddish skin. He was dressed in a yellow poncho, a shirt with the same color and dark brown trouser. He had a scar on his forehead in the form of some kind of symbol, and it looked like this symbol was branded on him.

He knew that face. He knew it very well- Brian Kilpatrick a.k.a. Ishtar, the escaped serial killer. This man had killed over fifty families down in Santa Monica before he was caught by the police. Almost two hours before his execution he made a successful jail break and was now at large. Now America's worse serial killer was right in front of him with a knife in his hand. Kilpatrick stepped back as the killer moved unexpectedly. He turned around and ran to the door. Suddenly he stopped, turned around and shouted:" Well, what are you waiting for. Follow me! Move it!". Tony obeyed. He could not do anything, but follow him. all he knew was that Kilpatick might know what was going on. When they went through the sells, he saw a lot of blood. Suddenly a growl came from his sell. Through the sell door came the three gargoyles. Alive, and were moving freely, as if the rock had turned as agile as the human skill. They growled again.

"Run"- shouted Kilpatrick.

to be continued...

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1216855-Crimson-thoughts-IIMeeting-Kilpatrick