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Happiness is not easy
Happiness is not what some say it should be
Without struggle, without purpose, it is shallow you see
We are immature and selfish and silly indeed
If sorrow has not taught us in severest decree
That without ideals and goals to achieve
Without opposition and failure and fighting to breathe
We don't understand that the beauty of life
Is to conquer our fears
And overcome strife

Happiness is not found when all is at rest
If our hearts are not striving for all that is best
Our dreams for tomorrow and hopes for today
Must guide all our actions
And guide what we say

Happiness is found when all that is good
Is conquering evil
With evil understood
As a heart immature and selfish indeed
Forbidding itself and others to bleed
In purpose
In hardship
In sacrifice and pain
In truth, in light
In sunshine and rain

Happiness is found in eyes that can see
That God formed our journey
To let happiness be
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