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My first blog - Where am I?
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This is my very first blog, I guess they are sounding boards, so here is my noise.

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First of all, when I wake up in the morning I remind myself I am in Kentucky. I have lived in so many states and spent several years as a long haul truck driver that remembering where I am on a daily basis has become a ritual. I have been married for almost forty years to a wonderful, useless man. It has been my blessing (Ha!) to support our family most of that time. I made the choice to marry a man without any education at all, even though he is street smart, but since I have a Masters, guess who brought home the bacon. Of course, he was a chauvinist pig for the first 20 plus years and I got to do everything, now at least that has changed, mainly because I had had enough!

Two years ago, I retired for the third and last time and vowed not to return to work, but stay home and write. If the bills don’t get paid, he will have to do without, as over the years I invested and have enough to care for myself, so he had to get his ass moving and get a job. I have done enough.

Today is day one of job number eight or nine, I have lost count. I am always amazed how he can come up with ideas of how to make money so he will have nothing to do. 
-” Why don’t we get a paper route?” WE, I’m retired - I do not intended to get up at four a.m. except to write.
- “We could start an internet business!” WE, I’m the one with the super fast internet connection, he only knows how to look up porno and play cards.
- “I’d like to get a new flat screen HDTV!” - Good, get a job.  “Will you co-sign!” No! “You co-signed for Mark! (our son)” He has a job.
“Your not very helpful.” I’m retired!

I give this particular swing shift job, a warehouse position, a few weeks and then it will be back to the unemployment line. He has learned the magic of Temporary Services.
“The car insurance is due.”  It’s your car. I can order what I need on the internet.

I especially love the TV shows where there is a flake taking advantage of a woman and see him get angry at the user. HELLO!

But I abide. I have paid for this house twice, because of loans. Bought five cars and seen them sold. Been bankrupt three times and have been sued for his student loans, which I had the right to refuse and did. His debt, not mine, he only collected the money and never attended school.

From what I have written, I sound like a Bitch, but I am not, only someone who has had their fill of being used and refuse to be used any more. The only thing I have cut my husband off from is money, all else is well. I care for him is he is sick, I will not allow him to starve, although I have been tempted, but he will no longer put my future in danger because he does not believe in preparing for tomorrow and refuses to accept responsibility for his actions. Watching  him is often a disaster, I only sigh and go to my study and write.

I’ll keep posting this comical farce.

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